Thursday, December 2, 2010

She Loved Her Enemy

Hey Y'all!

It was her reaction that alarmed me...not what had happened to her...but what she did that sent BIG RED LIGHTS flashing off in my head screeching...

"Warning Pamela Robinson! Warning! Warning!"

As I questioned her further, she started crying and the whole story poured out like a flood.
My Zoie was being bullied!

Pause...while I once again retract my mother bear claws and calm my temper back down from just thinking about this!

There much better...had to settle my flesh down by reminding it that God has already handled this HIS way.

The next morning I went straight to the principle. Zoie and I also talked with each of her teacher's....everyone was on notice. Everyone was watching. She did it again and then "The Bully" was put on notice.

Two weeks passed with no bullying...nothing between the two girls.

The Christmas Choral Concert was just a few weeks away, and they were holding auditions for solos and duets. Zoie was one of the first to sign up. The auditions would take place over several days...but slots were limited. The second day of the auditions, the bully decided she too would like to audition. No open slots. Mrs. O'Neal asked the class if anyone would be willing to give up their audition slot for this girl to have a chance.

Ok, pause to wipe tears...

Without hesitation, Zoie raised her hand and gave up her slot for her bully. What you need to know is that she knew that could possibly mean...she would not get to sing. The very thing she loves doing as much as breathing, SHE GAVE UP FOR HER ENEMY!

I am both proud and in awe of that kind of willingness to sacrifice.

The bully auditioned...stunned at Zoie giving up her spot for her. Then she backed out again the next day. Zoie asked her, "Why?"

"Because I'm too scared. I don't think I sing good enough."

"You have a very pretty voice, don't give up...give it a try." Zoie offered.

Her enemy looked at her then said "You are only saying that Zoie because you are my friend. Thank you Zoie."
From enemy to friend by one action---one sacrifice. Isn't that what Christ did for us? "While we were yet sinners Christ died for us."

Jesus tells us to love our enemies. I've heard testimonies of this from people who have loved those who experienced enemies on a big level..such as loving someone who has murdered a loved one. Elizabeth Elliot going back and serving the tribesmen who killed her husband for example.

This was my first time to see it in the everyday. Which as most of you know is the hardest place to practice and live God's truth.

The concert was Tuesday night and Zoie sang beautifully! She is truly a beauty don't ya think?
Inside and out! I think she favors her FATHER.
Love ya

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Have A Confession

Hey Y'all,
I have a Confession. I am afraid. Extremely Nightmare Marathon Time afraid.

I am afraid of you.

Isn't that silly? (Please say it is or I will shrink up right now!)

My mind tells me it's fears tell me to be terrified.

How can I be so scared of you? I mean you are--wherever you are and I am here. You are reading this, not looking at can't see or hear me over this page unless I video...which I've never done. YET you scare me!

It's not that I am worried you will not like me. Truth is no matter what you read will never really know me. I could be in the crowd at your church some Sunday and some of you would not know me. I am smart enough to know that. So to tell the truth, it doesn't truly matter if you like me or not.

It's not that I have cyber fears of you stalking me or anything like that. My nightmares are not about you hunting me down in my sleep. I've taken good precautions there and honestly I trust GOD with that that's not it.

I'm honestly sitting here processing this as I write it. I am searching for the answers myself...I don't know why you scare me. ALL I DO KNOW IS THAT MY FEAR OF YOU HAS KEPT ME FROM WRITING TO YOU.

God has blessed us so much these last few months. So why am I afraid to share it? HE has continued to heal my broken places. HE has taught me some deep and wonderful truths through HIS WORD...Yet I have not shared...not only have I not shared with you but with others who DO know me...Why?

If any of you have experienced similar fears, please let me know about your experiences and maybe we can help each other.

As I sit here pondering, reflecting, praying, seeking, and tapping these letters together on the keyboard and watching these words that have been hidden in my darkest place come out, I am beginning to feel peace and see some light.

Maybe, it is because I am exposing it to the truth.

Part of this started as I first confessed to you that I felt called to write share more share more consistently and with purpose and mission. After that, it seems any excuse would do to keep me from talking with you here...then to stop talking with close, nearby friends too.

OOOOH how conviction tears at hurt places in our soul. It is good. It draws out the venom of the lies the enemy has sank deep there.

Lies like...I can't! No one cares anyway! You have too many stories..people will think you made it up...too much like a "Movie of The Week" than real life. You are glorifying yourself in here not God.

Truth reveals these lies and exposed they can not stand. This may be some of the reasons or there may be some more hidden even deeper. I still do not know completely why....I don't need to anymore.

I now realize what I need to do.

So to you...I lay my fears down and make no promises that I can't or will chose not to keep. I lay it all here my fears, my typing fingers, my blessings, my troubles, my pain and my ALL

Jesus take control of it all belongs to you anyway...every friend, every word, every thought, every bit. Consume me with YOUR presence.

May I do a Nest-tea plunge into your GRACE. Then let me swim in your love and then serve others from the overflow. Your Over-flow!

Thank you for listening to me as I processed this out. Please share with me your experiences and pray for me.

I do truly love you. I don't feel afraid anymore...I'd give you a big ole SOUTHERN bear hug if I could...the kind where I squeeze ya so hard we shake. OOOPS I may have just made you scared of me! Hope not! If I did let's talk it out.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do I Look Fat In This?

Hey Y'all,

This past month has been a doozie!
I spent it traveling, then going shopping for new clothes! Sounds like fun? It wasn't!
The traveling took me back to the past where the enemy threw insult bombs and fear grenades at my heart. I tried not to go there, but circumstances and memories were too much temptation. I later discovered that it was all in God's hands. He allowed the trip to heal and free me of my tendency to walk around in a victim's shroud or sack cloth.

I often whine and lament because life has dealt me some hard blows. Then I cover myself with sack cloth and ashes, all the while, feeling like poor pitiful me!

What started this trip into the ashes was the arrest of the cousin-in-law, who molested me as a 10 year old. He was arrested in 2005 (I did not know this) for messing with his own grandchildren. He was put on probation and became a registered sex offender. The creep got caught at the end of May, picking up his grandchildren from school. So since he broke probation by being around children, he was sent to prison for two years. As the news of this traveled through my extended family, several other, now young women, came forward and admitted that he had molested them too. I had not known this before. At first I sank deep into my pile of ashes, condemning myself for not telling anyone about what had happened to me at 10. "If I had only told" became my self-centered lament. was masked in "Maybe I could have prevented it from happening to the others" facade. But truth be told, it was pure self pity. I am so good at that! God does not want us sitting on our Ash heaps over the past! After several days of weeping and crying out to last I turned to Him.

The message was clear...the past is gone! It doesn't matter today what I did or did not do then...that time is gone and done. All that matters is what I do now! So I found myself at the Sheriff's Office reporting a 37 year old crime! Turns out, because I did that...within a week some of the others did too. He is now under investigation as not only a sex offender...but a predator!

It is amazing the release I feel! At 10, this man had threatened my family's life...if I ever, his life is in danger. I feel clean! That part is a post for another time...still working through that one.

The day after I reported him to the police, God lead me to Psalm 30 and took me shopping for new clothes.

Read verses 11 & 12 with me.

"You turned my lament into dancing; you removed my sack cloth and clothed me with gladness, so that I can sing to You and not be silent. Lord my God, I will praise you forever!"

A scripture song I remember from long ago, based on Isaiah 55 says, "Wherefore do you spend your money on that which is not good...Listen carefully to me and eat that which is good and let your soul delight itself in fatness, fatness! Ho everyone that thirsts come ye to the waters he that hath no money come ye by and eat!"

I have traveled, became thirsty and weary, then cried to God who feed me from His abundance and clothed me in gladness.

By the way,
Do these new clothes make me look fat? I hope so.

Love ya

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No Favoritism!

Hey Y'all!

We all know that God does not show favoritism...after all HIS word states it clearly in Acts 10:34-35. His love for each one of us is unique and special...and yet....He loves us all without partiality. My mind can not fathom that kind of love. The closest I come to understanding is how a mother can love each one of her children...yet uniquely!

Guess what?

Our Enemy does not show favoritism either. He hates us believers all the same! Now some of us, He is more scared of because of their great faith or purpose...but his hatred for us is all the same.

One proof of this became clear to me the other day as I watched some middle school girls interacting and playing a game together. To the best of my knowledge, all of these girls have a relationship with Jesus. However, just like us adults...come on ladies you know what I'm talking about...the meanness is still the same as with non-believers. One girl in particular who is blessed with both beauty, and a gentle and kind heart, was getting the brunt of the meanness. I watched as she struggled. I watched as her confidence became shaken and she made mistakes that she might not have otherwise made. My heart broke for her. Her mother was there and her heart too was broken for her daughter. We discussed our own hurts from being a woman in this world. We shared our own horror stories from past comments made from other women. Some came from those we knew were "Sisters in Christ." Our stories were different, yet similar. She is tall and gorgeous, like her daughter her spirit is sweet and honestly she is becoming one of my favorite people to be around. I am short and...hmmmm....let's say....oh I know....plump! My friend has always known she was blessed in the physical realm. I on the other hand, have often struggled with my looks, and felt ugly. Yet we both suffered at the words that other women have thrown our way.
We both have tried to help our daughters realize that it is what God thinks about us that matters...but we all know that middle school-ers can not comprehend that yet...too many changes and hormones out of whack for that...besides not many of us grown-up women understand it either, when those word-jabs come our way even now.

So...all of this is to say...Our enemy does not pick on the less fortunate of us, or on the most fortunate of us, or even one those of us who are in between. He shows no favoritism...his hate is spread around equally.

But that's where we can know that God too does not show favoritism. He blesses and loves us equally....just not all the same way...except one...He chose us as HIS BRIDE and we get to live with HIM FOREVER!!!!!

One more thing...for those of you who have had daughters go through those middle school years...what verses did you share with your daughters? I would like some verses to give Zoie and my young friend to use as both swords and shields against our enemy's attacks. Please share your thoughts and help some hurting mothers out!

Love ya

Friday, May 28, 2010

No Parking!

Hey Y'all,

Back around Easter my family took a one day trip to Myrtle Beach. We got up at the crack of daylight, packed our car and drove the 3 hours to the beach. We were so excited to get there. We started looking for public access areas, where we could park and enjoy our day. We found one and begin looking for a parking place. All of the spaces had parking meters and Mike checked and they where $6 for the day. As we were just about to place money in the meter a man pulls up beside us and says, "The parking is free. The meters are for the summer season." Mike looks around at other cars in the little lot and notices that several are parked at meters that read "Expired." So we cheerfully parked and hurried down on the beach. After several hours of playing along the shore and a picnic lunch, we headed back to the car to drive around and look in the gift shops. I was the last to make it to the car and Mike is slamming the trunk shut. I could tell things were not so good. Turns out....It wasn't free parking and we had a parking ticket. So instead of paying $6 for the day to park there...we actually needed to pay $25!

I read a quote the other day and it reminded me of this incident.

"The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces." Will Rodgers

That day at the beach we were so wanting the trip to not cost us much. We listened to a total stranger and ended up paying 3 times as much. What looked like success...a free parking space...was costly.

When we let things or others steer us to parking spaces instead of keeping our eyes on the path God has for us, we will also meet higher cost.

I can attest to this. I have parked in so many parking places of excuses that have delayed and cost me dearly.

I love writing. I love telling stories. I love motivating and seeing God work in the lives of people as they hear the truths of God and shackles of rejection fall away. I love watching them fall into the arms of the God they never knew loved them so much! I've seen it and experienced it!

So why don't I do it more often? I park. I will drive a little ways taking in the journey in amazement. Then I'll see an excuse and pullover and park! Parking places that read, "Stop here. It's too hard." Another may read, "Stop here! Your too old." "Stop Here! Your grammar is too bad." While another may read, "Stop here! There are more pressing or fun things to do here!"

Parking places keep you from your destination. Yes, as we got to the beach that day, we needed to park our car...but that wasn't our destination. Our destination that day was a fun filled, worry free day at the beach. If we had parked correctly, and not made the excuses about it not being the summer season and should be free...we would have reached that destination and not had to side-track with a parking ticket.

Looking back, it still was a great day. We paid the ticket on-line and still had a wonderful time. We also learned from that mistake...which is one of the good things about parking spaces. You learn which ones to avoid!

No parking
No excuses!
I'm going to keep my eyes on the road and listen to the NAVIGATOR as HE directs the journey. Next time I park it will be under HIS direction and in HIS space!
Wanna go for a ride?

Love ya

Friday, May 21, 2010

I Wasn't Sure....

I wasn't sure...exactly how I stopped writing here. At first I was just a little too busy with life. Then, I wasn't sure what to say...I mean, by that time, it had been a month and I had just told everyone I wasn't going to let two weeks pass by again. So since I wasn't sure...I prayed. I waited for illumination and inspiration...what I got was one word...wait. Wait? How long? Why? What will my readers think? Then one of the biggest questions, "Will they come back when I write again?

After almost two months of waiting...and waiting...and worrying...and waiting some more. I feel I have been given permission to put fingers to keyboard and communicate again. In the waiting though something strange has happened. I have pondered and reflected on my purpose for writing in the first place. So I feel like I want to share some of the random reflections and questions that have surfaced, as I sat here everyday wondering if today...I could again let the fingers and thoughts fly.

Why do I write a blog?
Is it to journal? Not really, I don't talk a lot about my day or my family..occasionally but not all the time. I talk about my family more when it fits in as an illustration to what ever message I'm trying to communicate.
What am I trying to communicate?
I started out writing strictly devotional. It was for me, I didn't really expect any readers. Then I started writing to build friendships among other bloggers...and some beautiful friendships have formed through this blog.
I even did some give-aways, told funny stories, put up weird "Can you guess what this is" pictures.
But I came back to the same question...Why do I write this blog?
I wasn't sure.
Was it to propel or advertise my speaking ministry? Well that has not happened. I don't think so anyway. I've alsways considered that to be in God's hands.
The conclusion I have come to today is that for me, this is a form of Worship. A time to spend with JESUS my BRIDE-GROOM. A time for me to invite others to sit with us as we share together the amazing love HE has for us.
A time to talk about how we have experienced HIS love, HIS grace, HIS power, and HIS REDEMPTION in our lives. A time for usto encourage one another to look at what HE is see how much HE LOVES US!

All that I have done so far in writing this blog, I believe meets that criteria....I just wasn't sure...of my own purpose.

I wasn't sure...
Now I am

Love you and have missed our time more than any keyboard can communicate! If I have lost any of you I'm sorry....but it isn't about me or's about JESUS.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Still Here

Hey Y'all,
I'm still among the living just extremely busy.
We finally all got over our fevers....Thanks so much for your prayers. I was out of school one week and Zoie was out the next. So that was two weeks of catch-up work that needed to be done. I thanked God for Mike's flexible schedule that allowed both of us to work some.
So we have spent last week playing catch-up and I had to sub three days so it was a full week.
Yesterday I actually did nothing after I got home from work. Well nothing constructive. I watched a movie and read. It was a lazy day and I only half-heartily feel guilty for doing nothing.
Today I am full of energy and purpose, so much was accomplished. Still a lot to work on...please don't plan on visiting me unless you want to sit between my loads of laundry and help me unload my dishwasher.

Tomorrow and Thursday I am writing Curriculum after work, along with tutoring and taking care of a friend's son in the afternoons. I also hope to post here some lessons God has taught me recently.

Through all the business and sickness His grace has amazed me! So expect some cool stories soon cause you know I love to tell them.

I love you all

Friday, February 19, 2010

We've Got The Fever!

Hi Y'all,
Please pray for us. Everybody in the Robinson family has a 100+ fever. Even my computer is takes 3-6 tries to connect to the Internet. So only my dog who has stopped having anything to do with us is well.
More news when the fever is down and I don't feel like falling over!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Being Still

Hey Y'all,
We are being still.
We are being still and knowing
We are being still and knowing that He is God.
We are being still and knowing that He is God because...
We still haven't Heard anything!
So keep praying for us and with us.
It is easier being still knowing you are still praying with us!
I love you all still!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 or 2?

Hey Y'all,

Today has been an anxious day because Mike's package went before the Army Chaplain selection board today. We won't know anything for a couple of days but I have to tell you it has been nerve racking! I jump every time the phone rings.

Friends, I woke up this morning filled with awe and fear. One second believing we are going to step into the Army like it is our own Promised Land and the next fearful Mike will be rejected and we will once again begin another run through the wilderness. As I'm praying, I hear a question, "Are you one of the 10 or one of the 2?"


"Are you one of the 10 or one of the 2? Do you believe God has called you to this promised land or are you fearful of the possible giants in the way?"

Truthfully I answered, "A little bit of both."

I want to be like the 2. The two spies who went to see the Promised Land and saw that it was good and that God had already given it to them, in Numbers 13-14. I want to shout with them "God has already given it to us! Now we must prepare to enter the land and possess this calling!"

I want to feel confident, but I can't help but notice that their are a few giants.

The 10 would say to me:
There is a giant called the selection board that only picks the top 60%
If you get past that one there is the giant task of getting your house ready to sell.
Then comes the giant of Mike being away at school 3 months.
Then the giant of moving to an army base, more than likely in another state!
There is the largest giant which will be leaving my church...and my school!

These are big giants...but as I prayed and asked God to help me come down off the teeter-totter and decide if I am going to run and hide like the 10 or stand in faith like the 2...I remembered something....The LORD is your Banner. It is HE who goes before you.

That means...that even if the door is shut by the giants on the selection board God will be the Banner that leads us into our Promised Land.

It means that if we are selected...then I can know that I will not be the one facing the other giants...The LORD is my Banner! My Jehovah Nissi!

I am not a 10! I am a 2!

Keep praying for us. I'll let you know when we hear.

Love you Pamela

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet Sound of Victory

Hey Y'all,

The visual mystery has come to an end and I'm sad to say no one was even close.

But I do have a random winner it is Sharon Sloan over at

Sharon is a great writer and I love her blog.

OK I know you are all dying to know what my visual mystery truly is, so lets look again at the clues.

It has nothing to do with snow or ice

It is used everyday, several times a day

You probably have one in your house

You are looking through it and it purposefully blurred.

Drum roll please.....

It is the center piece of a tape dispenser. The round outside edge is the scotch tape. The
crisscross shapes in the center is the wheel the tape rolls on. The colored stuff in the background as you are looking through the wheel is stuff on my desk: Pink and blue sticky notes and my pen holder can almost be seen clearly.

It was fun seeing your answers. I will have to do this again sometime.

It is funny how things we see and recognize everyday when they get too close our perception blurs so that they are unrecognizable. Much like when God is closest to us during grief, stress , or even times when we are stress free and things seem to be going our way....we can't always see Him clearly either. He is there.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what Sharon won!

It is a Book/CD by George Beverly Shea called How Sweet The Sound. It is Amazing stories and grace-filled reflections on beloved hymns and gospel songs. These stories are incredible and I treasure my own copy.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Mike and I are going on a date tonight.

Love ya

Monday, February 1, 2010

Visual Mystery

Hey Y'all!

OK, it is time for some fun. I have been cooped up with snow and ice for three days now, so I want to have some fun.
Look at this picture. Can you guess what it is?

Here are a few hints:
It has nothing to do with snow or ice,
It is used everyday, several times a day.
You probably have one in your house.
You are looking through it and it is purposefully blurred.

Can you guess?
If you can....There is a prize involved.

I will award a prize to anyone who can guess what it is. In the case of no one getting the right answer, I will draw a random winner.

I will select the winner on Friday, February 5th.

The prize will also remain a mystery until the winner is chosen

But I promise you I wont stick you with it.

Keep praying for us that God will grant Mike favor with the Chaplain boards on February 9th. Oh My! That is just a week from tomorrow!

Thanks for playing and praying!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pardon My Purity

Hey Y'all,

First....if you haven't heard the news please take a quick moment and read the small post below. Then say a prayer and have a happy dance with me!

Our verse today is found in 1 Corinthians 1:30 "God has united us with Christ Jesus. For our benefit God made Him to be wisdom itself. Christ made us right with God; He made us pure and holy, and freed us from sin." (NLT)

I can tell you right now...I do not feel pure or holy! And since everyday I battle with temptation and sinful desires, I certainly do not feel free from sin. I mean...come's a constant battle!

But God.....I have to stop here and say those words again....But God....oh...still not more time with gusto....BUT GOD....says Christ made me pure. Christ made me holy. Christ made me free from sin.

This is so hard to believe....I am in God's eyes already free....already pure...already holy. But His word says that I am. You see, God sees us not only as we are right this second, but also as we will be when we stand before His throne. God sees without the constrains of time. He sees my eternity of His rest, as well as my short battling time here...all at the same time. Because I have been Set As One with God as we studied last time, all God sees is that pure, holy, delicate piece of His matching set.

Friends, we so often think because we are bombarded with temptations and troubles of this world we are not pure. Look at the cross.....It has already bore whatever has been or will be thrown at us. We are free....because the cross of Christ set us free.

You know why I think I don't feel pure, holy or free when God says I am...because I look at the wrong things. I look at the circumstances, or the temptation, or the trial and not at God. Like two people looking through a set of bars of a jail cell...both see the bars...only one is outside the cell and one is inside. If the one who is outside never turns his eyes to his freedom and only focuses on those bars...he too will feel as if he is also a prisoner.

Look and focus on this verse, instead of the prison bars, sin has fooled us with. Christ made us pure and holy and He freed us from sin. It is not us who are prisoners of sin, it is our enemy who is already the true captive.

So pardon my purity...I am walking this week like the pure, holy and free woman that I am!
Wanna take a walk with me?

Love ya

All Aboard!

Hey Y'all,

This is quick. I will add more tonight after church, that is when I am going to post my verse. I could not wait until tonight to let you know that Mike will be going before the Army boards on February 9th! Please pray that God will Grant him favor and he will be one of the few they select to serve as a chaplain for the United States Army!

Thanks talk to you tonight!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Do you Want First? The Good News or the Bad News?

Hi Y'all,
I think I'll give you the good news first.

Mike's Package is complete. 2 people have to double check and then it will be presented before the Army Boards. We don't know yet if we made the February board's deadline or that is still up in the air. But either way Feb or March we will be presented and hopefully chosen to serve as a Chaplain and his family!

We are all excited!

The bad news is that my computer has been acting up this week and this is the first time I've really been able to post.

So now that the good news and the bad news are out of the way, let's see what God has for us today.

I will post the Identity Bible verse at my next post. Today I want to share a verse with you that is sort of rocking my own way of seeing myself

2 Corinthians 10:12 "Oh, don't worry; we wouldn't dare say that we are as wonderful as these other men who tell you how important they are! But they are only comparing themselves with each other, using themselves as the standard of measurement. How ignorant!" (New Living Translation)

Friends, I compare my self to others everyday! I use my own standard of measurement and most of the time I come out on the lacking end. HOW IGNORANT!

Did I create the earth? Did I decide what is beautiful? Did I fashion myself? What about those, who by my own ignorant standards, are better than me? Did I fashion them also?

Thank you God that the answer is NO....a hard resounding NOOOOOOO!

So for today...I will not display ignorant behavior by comparing myself with myself or anyone else. Today, I am God's creation. Fashioned by His own hand!

Thanks so much for your prayers! Thanks for being my friends!

I love you all....we are fashioned by God!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Set As One

Hey Y'all

I am excited about today's post. First take a look at my updated sidebar. I updated my picture with my new-do and my info is now updated as well. Let me know what you think.

Today's verse is Romans 5:1 "Therefore since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." (NIV)

There is so much here!

I looked it up in my Greek Interlinear:

"being justified therefore by faith, peace we have with God through Lord our Jesus Christ"

This reads a little different because, in the Greek, the most important word/words are placed at the beginning of the sentence: the words the author wants to emphasize. So the words "being justified" are the words being stressed. As I further looked up what the Greek words for "Being justified" meant literally, I discovered it means "to render righteous." So my friends the most important thing about this verse is that we have been rendered righteous! Through Jesus we are--- more in today's terms----presented righteous. And the peace we have with God is this: the word peace here literally means "set as one." So get this, through Jesus I have been presented as righteous and set as one with God! Can it get any better than that?

I am set as one with God!

You are set as one with God!

We have been set as one with God!

Don't that just make you want to get up and throw a happy fit?! It does me!

I Have heard many times...through faith in Jesus I am One with Him, one with God. But there is something that resonates and stirs my soul when I think about being set as one with God.

Maybe its because I like antiques, when you do not have a full set of something, it is not complete. Not that God needs us to be complete, but we are made complete through Him. Now that we have been made a set, we can not be set apart!

It is just making glorious melody in my heart that my being presented righteous and now having the peace I have through Jesus Christ has............SET ME AS ONE with God!

Thank you Jesus!

We all are now a matched set!

So until later my matched set of friends!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Will I run?

Hey Y'all,

Life at our house remains interesting. We are still waiting for Mike to be cleared regarding his feet so that we can go before the Army boards in February. I will NOT be getting a brace for my foot (YES!) and am waiting to see what will happen since I put in a formal complaint regarding all I went through. Me and Zoie have both gotten new hair-do's, and we both love them. Which reminds me I need to update my profile picture. A water main broke at the end of my street this past weekend and in the course of discovering why we had no water, I discovered that our hosepipe had busted. Yesterday I come home from work, and heard a terrible noise in my bathroom. I ran outside and discovered the reason our hose pipe had busted was because our water spigot had been left on where the kids had been playing. During our big freeze here, we had not noticed. Yesterday it warmed up enough, and the spigot popped off from the pressure and flooded part of my back yard! I really don't want to see that water bill! We believe it could have been running like that for an hour at the most but still.....

Yet, I have to tell you....God is good!

I am in the process of doing a Bible Study here using verses that specifically tell us what God thinks about us. I'm doing this because I need to understand not just in my head but my heart my identity through His eyes. I can't trust my own perception in this area. If I want the truth then I need to go to the Only one who can see all truth. My FATHER.

Today, as I was pondering what to write I got to thinking about this study. As we study together these scriptures about what God thinks of us...Let me tell you what I think of God.


I love HIM!

I long for His return!

I crave the day when I can look upon His face and bow before His throne. I often wonder which emotion will prevail on the day I see Him....will I fall in awe to my knees or run into His arms? the old Phillips, Craig and Dean song will He run to me?

The truth is it doesn't matter as long as He is there any reaction based out of the love and honor I feel will be correct.

I am going to run this race until the day I run to Him.

Love you all so much

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Saw What You Did!

I saw what you did!

Hey Y'all,
Our identity verse today is Acts 1:8 "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." HCSB

Now there is a lot to gnaw on here, and I'm sure, like me, you have heard this verse many times before. Like the Great Commission, we know we are to be witnesses for Christ in our own city, state, country and all over the world. I know I have heard this verse preached about during many sermons on missions/evangelism. We should take this directive seriously and be about spreading the news everyday.

But our question for this study is: What does this say about what God thinks of me?

So I looked at the only word we are actually called, witnesses.

As I've searched out this word, I see something wonderful here I've never connected before. I am a witness for or against Jesus. In a court of law a witness is someone who has seen, heard, or experienced an event that happened. They were in most cases a participant, even if only as an observer. A witness is also someone whose signature verifies that something is true, such as the witnesses to a will or a marriage license. In either case a witness is someone who by their own omission or the courts, has been considered a truth bearer to the event.

Now, as I've pondered this over the last week or two...or more...I have been amazed at how that sits with my being. I am a witness to Jesus. I am a witness for Jesus. Why? Because I have participated in events where He has acted...either by experience or by observation.

I know and can bear truth to Jesus because I have experienced Him.

When I look at this verse like that, I am filled with awe, wonder, and pride. Yes, pride! Not the bad kind that seeks self. But a good kind that is humbled and yet honored to have been chosen to be a truth bearer for testify, tell and share about my experiences with Him.

So listen up!

You and I can shout from the mountain tops....Jesus, I saw what you did! I heard what you said! And I know what I've felt with you...I am a witness!

Love you all so much!

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Own Game Of Asteroids!

Hi Y'all,

Listen, do you remember the old video game Asteroids? I have lived out my own version of that game today! No, no one tried to ram me with their car...but I have been hit with obstacles today. From the tiny beam of lights (those small stuff that just flash by at you) to the big honking shapes (those bigger problems that take your whole attention and focus)...anything to get in my way from getting things done.

But my motto to Endeavor to the End is still in tact...and here is a readable example. I have not had time today to sit down and write until now....with most of the day gone...but I'm here and here it is!

I am going to start out by trying to catch you up on our adventures. I don't know if I can cover everything but I'm a gonna give it a try!

First my leg brace: I received it on 12/3 and wore it only two hours. It wasn't caused much more harm to my good leg and did nothing to help my arthritic foot. The truth is, I truly could not walk with it on! I would've had more mobility in a wheelchair. I called the PA (Physician's Assistant) who had prescribed it and she called back the next day. She said she would contact the brace people, and a new and different one would be made. Given that it was Christmas time I gave both the brace place and her office a week or two, but still did not hear from either one. So I called again and left a message with her nurse. To this day, I have not heard from her. I called the brace place myself on Monday 12/28. They told me they had never heard from the PA and did not know the brace had been wrong. They said they would correct the problem right away. I took it to them on Wednesday the 30th. In all this time my foot has gotten considerably better. I prayed for healing and I think the Lord is honoring that prayer. I believe He is using better shoes, and chiropractor care to heal my foot. With that in mind and the fact that I could no longer trust this PA; I decided before I get another brace made, I need a second opinion from a Doctor. Nothing against the abilities of PA's in general, but I don't trust this one and before I change my life or put my walking/mobility in danger again, I'm going to know from a doctor that it is honestly my only choice. I explained this to the brace place and was informed that I would still have to pay for the brace. I told them that I would be talking to my insurance and other professionals, and if I had to pay for it even though it caused me medical harm, I would....but I would not be taking that one home with me again.

I did call my insurance and I am in the process of getting an appeal letter to them. In the mean time, I am trying to get a sit-down with a lawyer to see if there is anything I can do to not have to pay for this brace....that I believe was a miss-diagnoses and caused me medical harm.

I also have put in a complaint at the Doctor's office about both issues.

I've learned a lot through this about myself and the medical/insurance rackets.

The fighter/Jacob in me has come to the top, only this time I'm not fighting God! I believe He is leading me into this whatever happens He will get the glory. Whether the battle won is over the cost of the brace, or an inner battle in myself that ends up with me being more like Him....Victory will be His and His alone!

After all He is my Banner and Asteroid shield!

More later!

Love you all!