Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No Favoritism!

Hey Y'all!

We all know that God does not show favoritism...after all HIS word states it clearly in Acts 10:34-35. His love for each one of us is unique and special...and yet....He loves us all without partiality. My mind can not fathom that kind of love. The closest I come to understanding is how a mother can love each one of her children...yet uniquely!

Guess what?

Our Enemy does not show favoritism either. He hates us believers all the same! Now some of us, He is more scared of because of their great faith or purpose...but his hatred for us is all the same.

One proof of this became clear to me the other day as I watched some middle school girls interacting and playing a game together. To the best of my knowledge, all of these girls have a relationship with Jesus. However, just like us adults...come on ladies you know what I'm talking about...the meanness is still the same as with non-believers. One girl in particular who is blessed with both beauty, and a gentle and kind heart, was getting the brunt of the meanness. I watched as she struggled. I watched as her confidence became shaken and she made mistakes that she might not have otherwise made. My heart broke for her. Her mother was there and her heart too was broken for her daughter. We discussed our own hurts from being a woman in this world. We shared our own horror stories from past comments made from other women. Some came from those we knew were "Sisters in Christ." Our stories were different, yet similar. She is tall and gorgeous, like her daughter her spirit is sweet and honestly she is becoming one of my favorite people to be around. I am short and...hmmmm....let's say....oh I know....plump! My friend has always known she was blessed in the physical realm. I on the other hand, have often struggled with my looks, and felt ugly. Yet we both suffered at the words that other women have thrown our way.
We both have tried to help our daughters realize that it is what God thinks about us that matters...but we all know that middle school-ers can not comprehend that yet...too many changes and hormones out of whack for that...besides not many of us grown-up women understand it either, when those word-jabs come our way even now.

So...all of this is to say...Our enemy does not pick on the less fortunate of us, or on the most fortunate of us, or even one those of us who are in between. He shows no favoritism...his hate is spread around equally.

But that's where we can know that God too does not show favoritism. He blesses and loves us equally....just not all the same way...except one...He chose us as HIS BRIDE and we get to live with HIM FOREVER!!!!!

One more thing...for those of you who have had daughters go through those middle school years...what verses did you share with your daughters? I would like some verses to give Zoie and my young friend to use as both swords and shields against our enemy's attacks. Please share your thoughts and help some hurting mothers out!

Love ya

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Kristen Myers said...

Sweet Pamela,

I don't have any verses, but I would love to share a song with you for both Zoie and her middle-school friends.

It is called "A More Beautiful You" by Jonny Diaz. You can find it on youtube as well as at any Christian bookstore. It speaks to exactly what you are talking about.

Hugs to both you and Zoie, and to Mike too.