Thursday, December 2, 2010

She Loved Her Enemy

Hey Y'all!

It was her reaction that alarmed me...not what had happened to her...but what she did that sent BIG RED LIGHTS flashing off in my head screeching...

"Warning Pamela Robinson! Warning! Warning!"

As I questioned her further, she started crying and the whole story poured out like a flood.
My Zoie was being bullied!

Pause...while I once again retract my mother bear claws and calm my temper back down from just thinking about this!

There much better...had to settle my flesh down by reminding it that God has already handled this HIS way.

The next morning I went straight to the principle. Zoie and I also talked with each of her teacher's....everyone was on notice. Everyone was watching. She did it again and then "The Bully" was put on notice.

Two weeks passed with no bullying...nothing between the two girls.

The Christmas Choral Concert was just a few weeks away, and they were holding auditions for solos and duets. Zoie was one of the first to sign up. The auditions would take place over several days...but slots were limited. The second day of the auditions, the bully decided she too would like to audition. No open slots. Mrs. O'Neal asked the class if anyone would be willing to give up their audition slot for this girl to have a chance.

Ok, pause to wipe tears...

Without hesitation, Zoie raised her hand and gave up her slot for her bully. What you need to know is that she knew that could possibly mean...she would not get to sing. The very thing she loves doing as much as breathing, SHE GAVE UP FOR HER ENEMY!

I am both proud and in awe of that kind of willingness to sacrifice.

The bully auditioned...stunned at Zoie giving up her spot for her. Then she backed out again the next day. Zoie asked her, "Why?"

"Because I'm too scared. I don't think I sing good enough."

"You have a very pretty voice, don't give up...give it a try." Zoie offered.

Her enemy looked at her then said "You are only saying that Zoie because you are my friend. Thank you Zoie."
From enemy to friend by one action---one sacrifice. Isn't that what Christ did for us? "While we were yet sinners Christ died for us."

Jesus tells us to love our enemies. I've heard testimonies of this from people who have loved those who experienced enemies on a big level..such as loving someone who has murdered a loved one. Elizabeth Elliot going back and serving the tribesmen who killed her husband for example.

This was my first time to see it in the everyday. Which as most of you know is the hardest place to practice and live God's truth.

The concert was Tuesday night and Zoie sang beautifully! She is truly a beauty don't ya think?
Inside and out! I think she favors her FATHER.
Love ya