Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Still Here

Hey Y'all,
I'm still among the living just extremely busy.
We finally all got over our fevers....Thanks so much for your prayers. I was out of school one week and Zoie was out the next. So that was two weeks of catch-up work that needed to be done. I thanked God for Mike's flexible schedule that allowed both of us to work some.
So we have spent last week playing catch-up and I had to sub three days so it was a full week.
Yesterday I actually did nothing after I got home from work. Well nothing constructive. I watched a movie and read. It was a lazy day and I only half-heartily feel guilty for doing nothing.
Today I am full of energy and purpose, so much was accomplished. Still a lot to work on...please don't plan on visiting me unless you want to sit between my loads of laundry and help me unload my dishwasher.

Tomorrow and Thursday I am writing Curriculum after work, along with tutoring and taking care of a friend's son in the afternoons. I also hope to post here some lessons God has taught me recently.

Through all the business and sickness His grace has amazed me! So expect some cool stories soon cause you know I love to tell them.

I love you all


On Purpose said...

Pamela I am so glad you and your family are feeling better! yeah!

Kristen Myers said...


Please, please tell! I can't wait to hear!

So glad everyone is mended!

We'll talk soon!

Sharon Sloan said...

I hope you all are 100% by now!

Thank you for the lovely prize package I received in today's mail! How much fun is that to receive FUN mail!

Thank you! His richest blessings to you!


Runner Mom said...

I too am glad y'all are feeling better! Bless your hearts! Take care and don't overdo it!

Love you!

rtfgvb764 said...

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sanjeet said...

So glad everyone is mended!
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