Friday, May 21, 2010

I Wasn't Sure....

I wasn't sure...exactly how I stopped writing here. At first I was just a little too busy with life. Then, I wasn't sure what to say...I mean, by that time, it had been a month and I had just told everyone I wasn't going to let two weeks pass by again. So since I wasn't sure...I prayed. I waited for illumination and inspiration...what I got was one word...wait. Wait? How long? Why? What will my readers think? Then one of the biggest questions, "Will they come back when I write again?

After almost two months of waiting...and waiting...and worrying...and waiting some more. I feel I have been given permission to put fingers to keyboard and communicate again. In the waiting though something strange has happened. I have pondered and reflected on my purpose for writing in the first place. So I feel like I want to share some of the random reflections and questions that have surfaced, as I sat here everyday wondering if today...I could again let the fingers and thoughts fly.

Why do I write a blog?
Is it to journal? Not really, I don't talk a lot about my day or my family..occasionally but not all the time. I talk about my family more when it fits in as an illustration to what ever message I'm trying to communicate.
What am I trying to communicate?
I started out writing strictly devotional. It was for me, I didn't really expect any readers. Then I started writing to build friendships among other bloggers...and some beautiful friendships have formed through this blog.
I even did some give-aways, told funny stories, put up weird "Can you guess what this is" pictures.
But I came back to the same question...Why do I write this blog?
I wasn't sure.
Was it to propel or advertise my speaking ministry? Well that has not happened. I don't think so anyway. I've alsways considered that to be in God's hands.
The conclusion I have come to today is that for me, this is a form of Worship. A time to spend with JESUS my BRIDE-GROOM. A time for me to invite others to sit with us as we share together the amazing love HE has for us.
A time to talk about how we have experienced HIS love, HIS grace, HIS power, and HIS REDEMPTION in our lives. A time for usto encourage one another to look at what HE is see how much HE LOVES US!

All that I have done so far in writing this blog, I believe meets that criteria....I just wasn't sure...of my own purpose.

I wasn't sure...
Now I am

Love you and have missed our time more than any keyboard can communicate! If I have lost any of you I'm sorry....but it isn't about me or's about JESUS.


Pinkshoelady said...

wow mom
that was great .I love you so very much.Wait.....Wait....Wait
I love you your the best mom ever!
Love your baby girl

On Purpose said...

It is great to hear your heart again in blog land! You are precious and gifted by Jesus!

Hugs to you and to Zoie!

Kristen Myers said...


You and you precious insights on Jesus are back!!!!

I, for one, have missed your blog immensely. I feel like a good friend has moved back home!!!

Love ya my friend, more than you know!!!

Kristen Myers said...

Oops! I meant you and your...

mpz3 said...

Good to have you back baby... i love when you write because of what Jesus is doing in your life.
You are the bestest wife and onee of the bestt devo writers!
Love Mr. I

Donna said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing more from you. As you said "it isn't about me or's about JESUS." Amen!

Blessings to you and your family!

MaryLu said...

I've been wonderingwhere you went. As long as you are ok, I'm find with your purpose for blogging.
I was wondering how you and your husband are doing in your quest for Chaplaincy. Do write and let us know how that goes.
Praying for you, bloggy friend.

sanjeet said...

It is great to hear your heart again in blog land
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