Monday, February 1, 2010

Visual Mystery

Hey Y'all!

OK, it is time for some fun. I have been cooped up with snow and ice for three days now, so I want to have some fun.
Look at this picture. Can you guess what it is?

Here are a few hints:
It has nothing to do with snow or ice,
It is used everyday, several times a day.
You probably have one in your house.
You are looking through it and it is purposefully blurred.

Can you guess?
If you can....There is a prize involved.

I will award a prize to anyone who can guess what it is. In the case of no one getting the right answer, I will draw a random winner.

I will select the winner on Friday, February 5th.

The prize will also remain a mystery until the winner is chosen

But I promise you I wont stick you with it.

Keep praying for us that God will grant Mike favor with the Chaplain boards on February 9th. Oh My! That is just a week from tomorrow!

Thanks for playing and praying!


Lysa TerKeurst said...

What a cool picture. It looks like I'm looking through the bottom of a glass at a pretty silver watch.

Hmmmm.... can't wait to see what this is. What a cool contest.

Blessings dear friend!

On Purpose said...

Hello Pamela...the first thing that came to mind is what I am going with...looking through a keyhole on a door knob into a room?!?! Thats my guess and I am stickin' with it!

Miss Zoie are too precious for words...thank you for my was delivered Monday at 1:05pm Pacific Coast Time...perfect timing!

I send one back to you...and your beautiful momma! Continuing to pray knowing God holds February 9th and all details in His hands!

Kristen Myers said...

Okay, I give up. I have been staring at your "visual mystery" for five minutes!

So, based on my actions and your clues, here's my guess. If I am looking through it, it must be my computer screen!

Praying and praying some more!

By the way, I had to laugh. My letters on the word verification part of your blog were "urrong." Guess I am not winning! Hee Hee!

Sharon Sloan said...

OK, my cherubs think it is a watch. Lysa's guess, too, so if this is right...she takes the cake...or wins the prize...the sticky prize apparently. :)

Can't wait to see what it is!

Thanks for inviting us to play along! Very creative!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I am Sooooo bad at these things.....Maybe a coaster for setting a cup on? See, I told you I was bad! BUT I am good at praying and just prayed for your family and the chaplain job! :)

My ADHD Me said...

I have absolutely no idea, but some of the other guesses sound good. I'm going to show my 13 yr old and see what he thinks.

My ADHD Me said...

OK, he doesn't know.
It looks like stained glass but that isn't something I would probably have in my house. It even looks a little like a drain but too colorful in the middle.
i give up!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Hmmm.....i think it has to do with fleece whatever it is. Maybe a hat?

Fun contest! :)

Lea said...

Pamela, this is makin me crazy....
I'm not ready to give my answer yet
I'll be BACK... after I FIND my thinking cap.

Edie said...

I'm going to say it's the window in your door.

How are you? I love your new profile pictures. That cut looks great on you!

Edie said...

Praying for Mike now. :)

The Real Me! said...

Hi Pamela,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hey!
What a fun contest but boy is it hard. LOL.
I'm going to have to say my guess is a peephole in your door.