Monday, January 4, 2010

My Own Game Of Asteroids!

Hi Y'all,

Listen, do you remember the old video game Asteroids? I have lived out my own version of that game today! No, no one tried to ram me with their car...but I have been hit with obstacles today. From the tiny beam of lights (those small stuff that just flash by at you) to the big honking shapes (those bigger problems that take your whole attention and focus)...anything to get in my way from getting things done.

But my motto to Endeavor to the End is still in tact...and here is a readable example. I have not had time today to sit down and write until now....with most of the day gone...but I'm here and here it is!

I am going to start out by trying to catch you up on our adventures. I don't know if I can cover everything but I'm a gonna give it a try!

First my leg brace: I received it on 12/3 and wore it only two hours. It wasn't caused much more harm to my good leg and did nothing to help my arthritic foot. The truth is, I truly could not walk with it on! I would've had more mobility in a wheelchair. I called the PA (Physician's Assistant) who had prescribed it and she called back the next day. She said she would contact the brace people, and a new and different one would be made. Given that it was Christmas time I gave both the brace place and her office a week or two, but still did not hear from either one. So I called again and left a message with her nurse. To this day, I have not heard from her. I called the brace place myself on Monday 12/28. They told me they had never heard from the PA and did not know the brace had been wrong. They said they would correct the problem right away. I took it to them on Wednesday the 30th. In all this time my foot has gotten considerably better. I prayed for healing and I think the Lord is honoring that prayer. I believe He is using better shoes, and chiropractor care to heal my foot. With that in mind and the fact that I could no longer trust this PA; I decided before I get another brace made, I need a second opinion from a Doctor. Nothing against the abilities of PA's in general, but I don't trust this one and before I change my life or put my walking/mobility in danger again, I'm going to know from a doctor that it is honestly my only choice. I explained this to the brace place and was informed that I would still have to pay for the brace. I told them that I would be talking to my insurance and other professionals, and if I had to pay for it even though it caused me medical harm, I would....but I would not be taking that one home with me again.

I did call my insurance and I am in the process of getting an appeal letter to them. In the mean time, I am trying to get a sit-down with a lawyer to see if there is anything I can do to not have to pay for this brace....that I believe was a miss-diagnoses and caused me medical harm.

I also have put in a complaint at the Doctor's office about both issues.

I've learned a lot through this about myself and the medical/insurance rackets.

The fighter/Jacob in me has come to the top, only this time I'm not fighting God! I believe He is leading me into this whatever happens He will get the glory. Whether the battle won is over the cost of the brace, or an inner battle in myself that ends up with me being more like Him....Victory will be His and His alone!

After all He is my Banner and Asteroid shield!

More later!

Love you all!

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