Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Adventures In Pink Shoes!

Hi New Bloggy Friends!

This is an extreme adventure for me, attempting to blog. I am both excited and anxious about this adventure that God is leading me on in the vast unknown world of cyber space!

For those of you who know me you know I am about as gadget challenged as they come. I mean come on, I don't even like to try a new hair dryer! I have left most of this computer stuff up to my wonderful techno husband. But here it is that God is driving me into the scary wilderness (at least it seems to me) of personal communication without hearing your voices or seeing your faces.

For those who are here looking for a new friend you are welcome and safe here. I love making new friends but I must warn you I am completely sold out to the One True God and His Son Jesus Christ!

I can't start this blog without telling you a little about the pink pumps. I have Cerebral Palsey. It is a birth defect that fortunately only affect my right side slightly. If you were to meet me it would take you months to years to recognize that my right side doesn't work as well as my left. I have only a slight limp which I manage to hide with a walk I taught myself as a teenager. You only see the limp when I'm sick or angry.
Wearing pretty shoes is one thing I am not able to do. So come heaven, I will be easy to find. I will be wearing a pair of bright Hot-pink pumps!
In fact I got to wear a pair here on earth with the help of some Proverbs 31 friends I have at the She Speaks conference last year. That moment changed my life in so many ways and to tell you the truth some of the lessons I learned from that event were hard!
You will learn more as we get to know each other further.

For now just pray for me as I conquer fears of the computer, my speaking ministry, and being a good wife and mother to my family.

Please comment and let me know who you are even if it is just to say, "Hi!"
I would love to pray for you and hear what God is teaching you. For today read Psalm 20 and know that I have prayed that for everyone who reads this blog today.

In faith and prayer,
Pamela R. (Pinkshoelady)


Samantha Roberts said...

Hey Pamela! Your blog is looking great! Keep it up - God is certainly doing some big things through your life, and I'm sure He will use this blog as another tool to accomplish more!

Take care!

In Him,
Samantha @ theListenerspost.

Wendy Pope said...

Way to go girl! This is a big step. I am glad I will now have a way to keep up with you.

It was great to see you at the conference! I wish I could have talked to you more.


Rachel Olsen said...

Whoo Hoo! Welcome to blogging, Pamela!

I look forward to checking in and seeing what you're up to.

Sweet Blessings ~ Rachel

Lisa Roszler said...

YAY, Pamela!!!

You took the blogging plunge! :)

It's looking good!

Thanks for popping over and commenting on my blog. It made my day to hear from you again! I think about you every time I see pink pumps! :)

Lisa R

Chatty Kelly said...

Hi - I found you from Lysa's blog - and you won the gift card! Congrats! I love your story, which I read on Zoe's blog about the pink shoes. Great name. God bless.