Monday, July 14, 2008

Swimmy Bugs And Hoppy Toads

Hi Friends,
This past weekend was a great and musical time with the Lord. Zoie preformed in a children's musical on Friday night and Saturday our family put on a Saturday Singing at a campground near us on the lake. It was great and God blessed. Just before Zoie was to sing she and I walked to the water's edge. I said a quick prayer for her and we talked about the opportunity God had set before her. (She had been having some parent/daughter issues earlier and both she and I wanted her to sing from the right heart.) As we walked along the shore, peace and resolve for God was restored. She sang with a full heart for the God she loves so much!
As I was thinking about that this morning, I was reminded that a lot of my own restoration times take place near water. My parents live on a beautiful private lake and I often go there just to stare at the water and talk to God. I even wrote a poem about it years ago that I share with the children I teach. Today, I would like to share it with you.

Swimmy Bugs and Hoppy Toads By Pamela D. Robinson

Do you have a place you like to go,
to talk to God and give Him your load?
I go to a place where I can find,
some swimmy bugs and hoppy toads.
A pier on a lake or a bridge will do,
a lazy creek or a pond works too.

Someplace to watch the swimmy bugs dance,
those little bugs as they race and prance.
They skim on top of the water that shines,
and help you to forget the troubles in mind.
They scoot and twirl, not a care in sight
on top of the ripples that glisten like lights.

I think of God in his wisdom and care,
who has given these bugs something wonderful to share.
I listen as they dance their message to me,
a message so simple, so free, and true.
.... God really cares for Me and for You!

If He takes the time to teach little bugs to dance,
then I have a purpose, I’m not here by chance.
Whatever my burden , whatever my care,
I have a reason to twirl and a message to share.
God is surely with me, I am never alone,
there’s no reason to mope, no reason to moan.

But if this cannot help me to give Him my load,
then I must be sure to look at hoppy toads.
They are little and slimy, and to some quite a sight,
but listen to them a while and you will find out what’s right.

God gave them the ability to jump and to sing;
they sing praises to God about everything.
In their choruses at night as they sing from the trees,
it is then that I realize...God loves me.

God has desires for me and has given me abilities too.
He will help me go on and help me get through.
God will take care of me and not let me fail,
now listen so carefully, as I finish my tale.

When you feel discouraged, can’t carry your load,
watch the swimmy bugs dance, and listen to hoppy toads.
Then leave your load with the Creator of all,
He will not let you down, He will not let you fall.
No matter the task, no matter the load,
just remember to give praise like swimmy bugs and hoppy toads.


Leebird said...

I love made my heart smile (and twirl). :)

I just added you to my blog list. I look forward to reading all your postings.

Singing for Him, Lee

XYXYmom said...

Pink Shoe Lady!!
I am so happy to find you. I met your roommate, Kristen, at the airport in Charlotte on my way home from She Speaks. We talked and she was so encouraging. I meant to get a way to contact her and I forgot. I've been watching the blogs of the P31 ladies for a comment from one of you - and there you were - winning the Starbucks card!!
Please pass on my contact info to Kristen. I am enjoying your blog. And I love, love, love the Pink Shoe Lady story.
Another fun "coincidence" - I also met Lee (above) at the airport in Charlotte and we were on the same flight to Dallas together. Hi, Lee!!
Tara (from So Cal)

Chatty Kelly said...

I'm so glad she did a great job, and that the two of you could spend some quality time together before.