Friday, July 18, 2008

Simple Request

Hi Bloggy Friends,
Today's post is a simple request of prayer.
My husband and I interviewed with a new church start committee this past Tuesday night. This is a brand new church that is just getting established and are looking for their first part-time Pastor.
My husband currently works for Billy Graham but feels called to return to church ministry through missions. A new church plant is an exciting opportunity for this to happen.

This morning we received a call from the chairman of the committee. One of the ladies who interviewed us was in a terrible car accident last night. Her sister was killed. She is in a trauma unit at a nearby hospital. Her grand-daughter (16) was also in the car and has several broken bones. My husband went to be with the family this morning, even though he has not been offered the job they need someone to minister to them.
Pray for him that he will be able to offer comfort and hope. Pray for "Judy" to recover and come home whole physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Pray for the teenage grand-daughter as she recovers from this trauma both to her body and her spirit.
May God hold them all and give them the comfort they so need right now.

Thank you for praying!


KristenM said...

Please know I am praying for all of this and that in the end God's power, glory, and plan shine brighter than before. You never know how God is working in all this, but isn't comforting to know that He is.
Love ya my friend.

Leebird said...


Whether You desire for Pamela's husband to join with this church plant or not, his interview the other day was a divine appointment. I thank you that he had the servant's heart to reach our to this family in their time of need. If it had been me, I would have worried that they would have thought I was sucking up to them to get a job. I may have still obeyed your voice to reach out, but the joy of service would have been smothered out by my doubtful, anxious heart. Lord, I ask you to work mightily in "Judy's" body and spirit. Bring about total healing and restoration to both her and her granddaughter. Please be a balm of comfort to the whole family as they grieve the loss of the sister. Oh how my heart aches thinking of how I'd feel if I lost my precious sister, Karla. A sister bond is so precious. Comfort your people once again, Lord. Be there as only you can. In Jesus' Name, AMEN

Oh...and regarding your comment on my diet coke teenage son was with me that day I first told the gal at MCD I'd pray for her....I'm sure he was rolling his eyes, but hopefully he will listen to God's promptings in his own life. :) Your momma sounds really special. Love ya! Lee

On Purpose said...

Dear Father God I want to thank you right now for the obedience of your children. Show just how awesome and big you are. We love you Lord and its in your dear Son's name we pray-Amen

XYXYmom (Tara) said...

My hubby is a pastor and I know how those interviews go. May your hubby be empty of himself and full of the Holy Spirit as he reaches out to this family. May you be full of the Spirit's wisdom as your hubby will probably need comfort himself when he gets home. I don't have a raised-in-the-same-home sister, but I lost a dear girlfriend last summer and I can only imagine the hurt and anguish of losing a lifelong-sister. May Judy be comforted through the Holy Spirit and may she feel no guilt or "what-if's" in the aftermath of this accident. May no one blame her and may the whole family fall into the arms of God, rather than give themselves over to anger. God, please be present in their lives as they heal. Where two or more are gathered (even in the bloggy world) God is there.
In your precious name,

Kay Martin said...

Found your blog through this "tag" thing. So glad I did. Love the shoe!!!

This post touched me that your husband was involved with the church at the time of the accident. That was no "accident." And if he is called to minister there as he applied to do ... it will be wonderful. If they don't call him you will all be blessed by his obedience to minister to those in need during the application process.

Our God is so good....Love your blog