Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fun Day With My Daughter

Hi Friends,

Today is mine and Zoie's fun day. Once a week in the summer while we are both off from school we try to have a Fun Day. We go somewhere--absolutely must leave the house--and just play.
Minimal housework is done such as no dishes in the sink and beds made and then we are off.

Today we are going fun shopping. This is where we go shopping at our favorite fun stores and make wish list instead of buying things. Well I am going fun shopping she actually is taking birthday money and she will come home with a treasure, while I come home with my list of wishes and the joy of watching her pick her treasures. She is very money wise and usually makes some of the best purchases.

I am looking forward to the day. Not just the time spent, not just watching her buy treasures, not just laughing and writing down crazy things on our wish list, its the bonding and dwelling together that we both love.

Oh, I'm still Mom! There has to be that line of respect and even though it is her money, I have veto power on what she can spend it on at nine years of age.

It reminds me of my relationship with God---or at least how it should be. Some days we work hard together. Him directing and me obeying and watching ministry happen. It may be my mouth or hands that do the work but His Spirit is in charge of the results and the outcome.

Some days we need to have fun days with God. Days where we spend time together dreaming or even receiving blessings all under His veto power.

Zoie and I have worked hard this week: practicing for a BBQ that she is singing at and I'm doing sign language to one of her songs, working on projects in the house, and me writing Special Ed Bible study curriculum for LifeWay.

So today we go play. Pray for us as we shop, talk, laugh, and make our wish list. Pray that we will both come to know God better today just having fun!

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Chatty Kelly said...

I could relate to your post, as my daughter is nearly 9 also. hope it was a great day shopping.