Monday, June 30, 2008

TRying Something New Please Pardon My Construction

OK, this isn't much for a first release but if you knew how intimidating this was for me you would understand my mess.

I hope you will laugh with me when I tell you this blog came about kind of accidentally. I really wanted to do one but wanted my computer whiz husband to help me make it look snazzy and sharp. A couple of days ago I got a little brave and decided I would go look and see what all we would have to do to start a blog. I went through several fields of questions then came to the one where you set up your template. Well, my "I'm scared of this machine" hit hard and I backed out without completing the task, or so I thought. You know how when you are shopping on-line (I usually do that with my husband beside me also) and you stop short of completing the order everything goes away as if you had never been there? I thought this worked that way too and no one would know I didn't know what I was doing. You know the Bible tells us that everything hidden will come to light. I found out today that I had started a blog but had not finished it. So for anyone who has attempted to find me ...I am sorry.

My husband has promised to help tonight so bear with me while I finish decorating.
Thank you and pray for me as I conquer fears and attempt to do whatever God asks of me...Even if I have get tricked into doing it!

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