Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hammers, Deep Fog, And A Loving God

Hey Y'all!

Keep praying for us. We are still healing, learning to share the stories, and wrestling with this world of flesh. We need your prayers concerning the Army. One of the next steps is for Mike to interview with a Commanding Chaplain ( I'm not sure of the rank, you'll have to forgive me I am still trying to learn the jargon.) Mike got an e-mail yesterday telling us that the Chaplain he was going to interview with is having surgery and will be out for 6 weeks. So now we will have to find another chaplain. Pray that we will listen, discern and trust God's steps here. I keep reminding myself...God's timing...God's timing.

After worrying about this interview this morning, God reminded me what happened last Thursday. I'd like to share it with you.

We sat together laughing over our country ham biscuits and a coke at McDonalds. She did not know the turmoil going on inside of me. My heart was unsettled. I had cried out to God all night asking why....why haven't we heard? Why does it feel as if you don't want us to serve you? I know you do...but right now it feels like you are saying no and rejecting us....just like others have. I know you love us....I know you have guided us....I will choose to trust you....but right now it is hard, because I can't see and I don't understand how I can feel you calling us to do something, but make the way seem impossible.

She didn't know. So we laughed about little things. Then she looks at me and asked, "Did I tell you about my trip to Asheville?" "No. Did you have a good time?"

She began telling me the story. They had went to Asheville on a weekend getaway. She plays the hammer dulcimer. A shop there had invited them to come for a concert and workshop from a champion dulcimer player. As she started telling me about the workshop, my mind drifted back to my worries. I forced myself back to listening...."The instructor told us that we needed to let go of our grasp of the hammers, in order to have control of them. Isn't that just like life?" My heart and spirit finally jumped together as one. That's what God is trying to get me to do...let go of the hard grasp of the plan and let Him control the music.

OK, God....I trust you even if you take us to a different song than the one we believe you are guiding us to play...even if it means starting over again...even if it means....well, whatever it means....I'm relaxing the grip and letting you have control of the hammers in my life. You play Your song.

She then went on to tell me that both her and her husband had felt impressed that they should hike to the top of the mountain, where they were staying, and worship God the next morning. They planned to sing together, play her dulcimer and have their own worship service at the top of the mountain.
As she awoke the next morning she was heart broken to find the whole area engulfed in a deep thick fog. She was stricken...."But God! I thought you asked us to come to the top of the mountain? We wont be able to see in the fog and the moisture will damage the dulcimer." After contemplating about whither they needed to wait until later or not go at all, they decided to follow the first directions...even though it made no sense. So they gathered their stuff and hiked up the mountain. What did they find when they got to the top? They were above the fog! Everything was beautiful and dry! They worshipped fully and completely the God who sees above the fog!

Again I heard the Spirit rejoicing with my heart...."I see what you do not. I see through the fog. Do you trust me?" "Yes, Lord completely!" I teared up and thanked my friend for her story. As I shared with her my worries and how God used her stories to speak to my heart, we both worshipped and rejoiced at God and His faithfulness.

I got home and began to go about my day. I sent Zoie out to the mailbox and there in a big envelope was the endorsement we had been longing for and desiring. The confirmation from our denomination that they believe we would make a good chaplain and wife team.

God saw above our fog and can see above this interview.

What has fogged you in? Release your grasp on the hammers, follow even through the fog to the top, where you can worship and play beautiful music with your life for the Lord who sees and makes it all clear!

Love you all!


skoots1mom said...

oh, what a beautiful should submit this to the Christian Women Online a guest writer...i bet they would love to read this post and share it with all their followers...
God's providence and His leadings are in HIS time...He is ABOVE the fog ALWAYS.
and CONGRATULATIONS on your letter :)

Regina said...

Thanks for the post Pamela. . . I am walking thru a very thick fog right now and I can't see the other side. But I know that my Savior is there with me. I can't wait to be above it all.

Runner Mom said...

Love this!! God is so good! Congratulations! But a coke with your biscuit??? Girlfriend??? At least make it a sweet tea!

I'm celebrating my 100th post! Come visit! I've got a give-away!


Kay Martin said...

When I read your headline I was totally baffled. What a delight to read this wonderful day in your life.

It seems when God is truly calling us we have those "Daniel" and "Joseph" times immediately preceding the time to run on God's journey. My prayers are with you. I'm going through some interviewing for a management position.

After the 2nd round of interview before another panel of interviewers I just collapsed. They ended it with telling me to listen for a phone call for the 3rd round. It is a compliment to make the short list, but I feel like it could be interrogation instead of interview with more of them that me to answer the questions.

I can pray for Mike better after going through all of this. I had hoped to phone you and set up a visit but I can't because of this try at a job that would greatly help me with retirement.

Kay of SC

Chatty Kelly said...

God's timing is NOT our timing, we wish he'd go on our timing. But he knows all and sees all, so we just need to learn (again and again!) to trust him.