Monday, July 20, 2009

A Few Fun "What is?" "What Are's?" and "What Do's?"

Hey Y'all,

I found this little game over at Zoe Elmore's blog and thought I'd have a little fun with it today. Wanna play? Just answer these statements by looking at your world at this exact moment.

Outside my a very quiet, sun filled cul-de-sac at the moment. There is a couple flower pots with wild flowers trying to stand tall against the blazing sun.

From the Kitchen...there is a table that has a lot of stuff on it that doesn't belong. Papers and tutoring stuff, that Mike and I just had our 9,999,999th discussion on where is the best place to keep stuff like that besides the kitchen table. It remains undecided.

I am wearing....Black pants, a royal blue tank, and a black and white checked blouse because I had to go to school today and do some testing. Needed to look professional.

I am reading..."The Shape of Mercy" by Susan Meissner. It is a novel about a young Christian woman who is translating a diary from the Salem witch trials. It is very interesting and Meissner is a good writer that keeps you guessing.

I am hoping....That Mike will hear when his MEPS physical for the Army will be so we can hurry up and get into the Army.

I am conference material for this weekend. It is a Special Ed conference in NC. I am talking about Spiritual gifts and our functions in the Body of Christ.

I am praying...For my friend Bonnie's family. The cancer is going to take him away from us but right into the arms of Jesus. His family needs our prayers as they get ready for him to leave. I am also praying for my dad as he has surgery on his jaw tomorrow...a bad tooth has affected his jaw bone and they need to go in and fix it. AGHHHH! Hurts just thinking about it!

One of my favorite to hear Zoie sing and worship. She auditioned for a Christian Dinner Theater called NarroWay in Charlotte yesterday. If she made it we will have a busy but wonderful Christmas.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Family time tonight, My dad having some minor surgery on his jaw tomorrow, Zoie singing at a retiree's luncheon tomorrow, more testing at school, and leaving Friday morning for my conference this weekend.....oh and finishing preps for She Speaks next weekend!

I hope you will answer these questions either here or on your own post and let me know. If not...oh well I had fun sharing mine!

I love you my friends!

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