Friday, July 17, 2009

My New Best Friend

Hey Y'all,

First, let me say thank you for reading and listening to my heart as I shared the tragedy and healing of my "Almost Story."

This week I have been doing some testing at my school. The church which sponsors our school has been having Vacation Bible School. I asked Zoie if she would like to go. She said, "No!"

She is at that age, where sometimes stuff like that...."is for little kids and just not cool."

Thursday was no option. I had no one to leave her with while I was testing, so reluctantly she agreed to go. I jokingly told her that if she didn't have a good time I would eat a chicken liver...I HATE LIVER!

I went to her room to pick her up and Mrs. Mandy, one of the teacher's, told me that Zoie was in the chapel. "Having some God time." I followed her to the chapel and we waited outside. There were several kids and teachers praying in the chapel. Zoie came out, wiping tears from her eyes, and said, "God really touched my heart today."

Later after lunch, she explained, "Mom, I know I gave my heart to Jesus and was saved when I was four. But today, I understood more of what He did for "me" on the cross. Jesus has been my Savior and my He is my Best Friend! I want to stake it down today!

So we gathered at our family alter (my yellow couch), and knelt together as she poured out her heart to Jesus. Telling Him about her love for Him and what His sacrifice now meant to her.

She staked it down! Forever she can point to that day, kneeling at that yellow couch and again say, "That is the day I went from Jesus being my Lord and now being my BEST FRIEND!"

Needless to say I did not have to eat a chicken liver!

Is He your Savior? Is He your Lord? Is He your Best Friend? Don't you just love those moments when we are renewed afresh with the love God has for us in Christ Jesus. Can you shout with us today that He is once again Your New Best Friend?!

Love you!


sara said...

how awesome is that?!!!

On Purpose said...

Zoie you are the most beautiful girl I know...yes! You live in such a beautiful relationship with our Jesus...that it makes me...this girl way over here in the Pacific Northwest want to hold onto His hand even tighter...and just so you know I am SO doing the dance that is the celebration dance when one of His daughters gets even closer to His honor of you my friend. I love you Zoie...and I love that Jesus has your whole heart!

Kristen Myers said...

Oh, Pamela. What a sweet girl that Zoie is!! I am so happy for her! And what a precious memory for you and Mike.

The most awesome thing is that now that she has "staked down" her love for her Best Friend, Zoie can be assured that He will be there even when your family is picking up stakes and moving soon!
Love ya'll!

Regina said...

that IS AWESOME! He is MY Best Friend too.