Monday, February 2, 2009

Wanna' Play A Game With Me?

He Y'all!

I had my procedure and I am sore, but doing well. I will know in about two weeks if it did the trick or not. It takes that long for the soreness to leave.

My family and I have been through so much lately. We are still in the midst of a physical and Spiritual storm. God is working and our faith is growing in ways I would have never dreamed.

One of the trials of life defense mechanisms, I have learned over the years is to find something to laugh about. Laughter is good medicine for both body and spirit.

That being said, I thought it was time to have some fun.

Do you wanna' play a game with me?

Here it goes:

Would you know me if I came into your church next Sunday? Would you recognize the Pinkshoelady? I have purposefully left off any pictures of what do I look like?

Some of you have gotten to know the real me, not my outer shell, through my writings and our interactions...but would you recognize me in a crowd?

Here's the challenge. Answer the next few questions...making your best guesses.

The person who comes the closest to what my actual shell looks like, will win a prize!
Oh...and for the few of you who have met me and know exactly what I look may play...but...sadly you do not qualify for the prize.

1) How tall am I? (Tall Short Medium)

2) What color is my hair?

3) Is my hair long or short?

4) How old am I?

5) Lipstick shade? (Pink Red Plain)

6) Glasses?

7) Are my nails kept or un-kept?

8) What color do you think I wear the most?

9) Is my hair naturally curly or straight?

10) What expression is most often on my face?

The winner will receive The beautiful book by Ruth Graham called Sitting By My Laughing Fire.

I hope you have fun. You may be surprised and some of the questions are tricky. I will pick the winner on Friday. I will also post my picture for the first time.

I am giggling as I post this and get ready for bed.
It is good for the soul.

Thank you God for good friends and laughter!

Love Pamela


Angela said...

Short..curly blonde hair, glasses, pink lipstick to match the shoes, and lots of pink outfits! Nice nails. I think you are about 41 or 42. Guessing from all the laughter, I think you smile alot! I am probably way wrong about everything! This was fun!

Angela said...

P.S. Praying for your physical and spirtual comfort, my friend!

Edie said...

Oh this is just plain mean. LOL!

Ok here goes. Since you said it was tricky I'm not going to say the same things that Angela said but most of what she said was my first thought.

I did a little research... I'm like that...

1. short
2. red or black. I'm going with red, but Cinderella's fairy godmother has gray hair. Just a side note.
3. long
4. 43 (The song I Love by Tom T Hall was written in 1974)
5. pink
6. no glasses
7. nice nails
8. black
9. straight (I want to say wavy but not curly.)
10. smile

Praying for your recovery and healing.

My ADHD Me said...

My answers are similar to Edie's. I wrote them down before I came to the comment page. (Edie and I seem to think alike a lot of the time) :)

7.kept (although I feel that answer is probably wrong because it seems too obvious)

This was harder than one would think!! :)

Chatty Kelly said...

Let's see, you are 6'4 with platinum blond hair and have a figure like Dolly Parton. ;-)

I've seen your sweet self, so I won't play this fun game.

You know, we'll all recognize you in Heaven with those beautiful pink pumps on.

Regina said...

I would know you ~ so I guess it's not fair for me to play.


Love you sister, see you tonight at Bible Study.

Elizabethd said...

No, I'm going to be different.
Tall, ie 5ft 7"
Dark hair swept up
Lipstick red
No glasses, except for reading
Nice kept nails, plain varnish
Colour, any shade of pink or beige
Straight hair
A smile

Beverlydru said...

1. medium height
2. brunette
3. short hair
4. 38
5. pink!!!!
6. no glasses
7. nails kept
8. REd
9. curly
10. smile - for sure

This is fun! I will be interested to hear the right answers.

Sharon said...

WOWWW ok lets give this a whirl!
1. medium
2. brunett
3. short
4. 39
5. pink
6. no
7. kept
8. pink
9. curly
10. smiling always

I pray that your pain is gone, that you are now healed, and if you will stand in agreement with me, you will nottttt need anymore tests. Praise God
Blessings & hugssss

Nicole said...

This is fun. Okay here we go...

1. Medium height, maybe 5'7".
2. brown, brunette
3. Short.
4. 38.
5. Red.
6. No glasses.
7. Yes, nails kept.
8. Red and pink but mostly red.
9. Wavy.
10. Smile and thinker look.

Can't wait to see how I did. This is fun!


My ADHD Me said...

Everyone has one answer in common.
You surely must always have a smile!

Kay Martin said...

1. 5'5
2. Blonde
3. Short hair
4. Age: 21 of course
5. Pink lipstick to match your pumps!!!
6. Glasses...sunglasses for glam
7. Nails; beautiful and long
8. color you wear most ... blue
9. Hair naturally curly (only your hairdresser knows what is real; and she's not teliing)
10. You smile in your sleep.....your smiles show through your writing in every post.

Golden~1 said...


This is way too difficult. But I am going to print it out and give it a try. Good one!


Golden~1 said...

Ok pam, I'm back. None the wiser though. I tried to play Sherlock Holmes and came up with zilch.

1) Short
2) Auburn
3) Shoulder length
4) 40's (I read a hint about 70/80's)
5) Pink Lipstick of course
6) Glasses, yes
7) Nails are kept, you are a priss pot
8) Bright colors, you said it.
9) Curly
10) I agree with everyone else, a smile of course.

LynnSC said...

Oh... this is so funny!!

I would know you if you walked into my living room... so I will just have fun with everyone else's answers.

Some things about you are just obvious... others are hidden. Can't wait to see who wins.
Love ya,

Kristen Myers said...

Since I have seen you, my friend, I cannot play the game.

What I can say however, is that you are beautiful, both inside and out.

Praying that you soon see all the blessings God has in store for you.

On Purpose said...

What a FUN person you are!! Hey I have an advantage I have seen a picture of your beautiful family. Love you my friend!

Barb said...

Nothing like trying to read a book with a blindfold on... LOL... ok -here goes:
1. You're short
2. Medium brown hair
3. Hair is short
4. Around 40
5. Soft pink lipstick
6. I think you wear glasses
7. You have manicured nails
8. Pinks or blues
9. Slightly wavy
10. A friendly smile