Friday, February 6, 2009

Mystery Solved

Hey Y'all,

Are you waiting with baited breath?

The best detective and mystery solver is .....

Mivida at

She got 8 out of the 10 questions right.

Actually most of you were right.

So here is the actual answers:

1) I am 5 feet tall. Exactly 5 feet tall, so short is the right answer.

2) My hair is blond...always has been, though I do control my coming gray with highlights

3)My hair is just past my shoulders so I accepted long or shoulder length.

4) I can't believe I'm admitting this but...I am 46.

5) After carefully watching myself these last few days, I decided that I wear pink and red lipstick I counted either one.

6) I do wear glasses and I have since I was 16 years old. Sigh...

7) I fooled everyone on this one! I am a priss-pot with un-kept nails....isn't that just sad! Its a money thing for me and I don't do a good job by myself. I guess I am more stingy than prissy!

8) You know, Zoie made me go count the colors in my closet. I had one color in mind but when I actually looked through my closet I discovered that I don't need any more blue clothes!

9) I wear my hair straight...I work hard getting it straight every morning but as you will see in the pictures...It is NATURALLY curly. I did count it if you said wavy!

10) Everyone got this one! Zoie rolled her eyes when she read the question, then looked at me with a grin on her face and said DUUUUH! So smile is right. I can't help it; I come from a long line of laughers. We just find the world funny...even at sad times we find something to laugh about. Maybe we are just plain nutty!

So now I am going to try to put the pictures up here. There are two. The first is how I look everyday. Even though I am trying to lose some weight. The second is my natural curls. You guys need to feel special because usually the only people who get to see this, are those who see me...after I've got caught in a bad rainstorm!


See all those curls...look close do you see my hot pink pump earrings?

I had so much fun doing this!

I learned somethings about myself too! Like, I seem to have a lot more blue clothes than I realized!

Thanks for playing with me!

love ya!


Chatty Kelly said...

You know what - I like you better with the curls! You look great. And pink is definitely your color. (mine too!)

Sharon said...

Hahahahaha I loveeee those earrings! and those curls yes got love them too. You do look great, loving all that pink!
Have a terrific & blessed weekend
Thanks for the fun!!

Barb said...

I LIKE the curls!! And the hot pink looks fantastic on you! Enjoyed the fun ~

Kay Martin said...

You are beautiful. Love your hair both ways. You've got it going on !!!

Elizabethd said...

I was quite wrong! Anyway, I think you look very atractive!

Beverlydru said...

This was a totally fun game- especially since we get to see you as the prize. Your hair looks great either way - embrace your curls, girl. I paid a gazillion dollars over a couple of decades to make mine curly instead of straight. Aren't we funny? Can't you just see Papa God chuckling over how silly his girls can be?
Now I can pray with your pretty face in mind.

Angela said...

Hee hee! I did a good guessing job! Love the rainstorm pic! Thanks, this was really fun!

Golden~1 said...


Thanks Pam. I kinda thought you were a priss-pot. I read some of your older posts looking for clues since I hadn't ever seen you or knew nothing about you.

I kinda figured we were a lot alike.

Thanks again,

By the by, I am stepping out in Faith and doing a Mother's Day Banquet for the blog. Keep me in prayer.


Edie said...

I agree with Kelly on both counts. Like the curls and the pink on you. Thanks for the smiles!

Nicole said...

Love the curls and pink on you! Thanks for the game. Very fun!!!