Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pinkshoelady Mystery

Are you having fun playing my game? See post below to play.
I am!
Some of you are pretty good amateur detectives.

I love mysteries. Life is full of them but God has the most.

I believe that we will never understand all the mind and the ways of God. Two reasons mostly: if we knew the full mind of God we would then be equal to God...never going to happen, and second since I believe God has no limits there will be no limits on what I can learn about Him even in eternity.

Isn't that exciting?

It excites me!

Tomorrow you will get the results of our game. I will select the winner and post my picture.

SEE ya then!

Love ya


Sharon said...

Waiting another dayyyyyy!!! You are making me wanna start chewing my nail. hahahaha
So Looking forward to the picture!

Anticipationnnnnnn :)

Edie said...

Sharon took the words right out my mouth! This is slow and painful torture. LOL! Just kidding. It's fun. Maybe I should go do a little more research. hmmmm. :)

Sharon said...

hmmmmmmm O-KKKKKK it is the next day and I have waited all morning, giveeeeeee it up, show us the picture!!!! "as I sit at my desk clicking my nails""waiting with anticipation" :)