Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Counting Sheep

Hey Friends!

Thanks for playing with me last week it was a great break for me, to not focus on the storms that are raging in my life right now.

We are still in the midst of them. But I do think I might be seeing a break in the clouds....or was that just more lightning?

Even though we are still being pounded by the wind and waves of this storm, we are still standing on our faith!

Like the fishermen/disciples on that stormy sea of Galilee, we do all we know how to do. All the things that have worked before. Things we have done many times and have trained others to do. We batten down our hatches with prayer, secure the sails through reading the Word, say memory verses in that our timing is in line with God's, huddle together so no one goes over board, and lower the anchor by practicing the spiritual disciplines like fasting, confessing sins, and singing songs of thanksgiving and praise. All these things are helping to keep our boat afloat. Alas maties! Even as it was with that storm on the Sea of Galilee....what happens when the storm is still too much?

Like the disciples I find myself wanting to go shake Jesus awake!

I too want to ask Him, "How can You sleep when Your child is nearly drowning? How can you not get up and do something?"

Jesus asked the disciples a question that also comes back to me:
"Where is your faith?" Luke 8:24

Did the disciples not show faith by coming to Jesus? Am I not showing my faith by doing all the spiritual things I know to do?

You know what I think? I think the answer is no!

They would have shown greater faith by going down and going to sleep with Him!

Faith is not the work of the spiritual disciplines and rituals. Faith is the resting! Resting and letting Him take care of things even if He does it in His sleep!

After doing everything we know to do...after all, I do believe God expects us to use the gifts, abilities and knowledge He gave us...we should then REST!

So for today...during this hard storm...I think I will continue to ask you to pray for us, while I go take a little nap with Jesus!

Good night!


Nicole said...

Beautifully written! God bless you during this time. Love and prayers.


Edie said...

Sweet dreams to you my friend. I really love this. It hits on what we generally miss. Trust doesn't always mean go out and DO something. Sometimes we just need to wait it out with Him.

Kay Martin said...

You and I tackle "storms" the same way. When I'm worn out from circling the issue with my hands to Heaven like Fiddler on the Roof...I sigh and give up to God. It's like He was waiting on me to spin out to act.

I feel your frustration and I know our Father in Heaven is so pleased with your heart. Under all you say your faith and knowing with blessed assurance that all is well, shows through clearly. You spin a tale that brings us right beside you.

Know many prayers go up for you and yours often.

MiVida said...

That is what faith is! I am sure that all that we do, cannot compare to the rest receive when we leave it in His hands.

God Bless ya,


Tea With Tiffany said...

I just posted about the storms this week about the wind. Maybe it will speak to your heart in your storm. A nap with Jesus. Precious, peaceful!

Kay Martin said...

Reading your blog and having talked with you on the phone the one thing I know is that you and your husband are chosen ones in God's Kingdom. So much wind and storm around you is a sign of Christ in you and all that God is doing in you: no matter the source of the refinement.

When I'm in the storm of raging winds, lightening, etc. I must admit I still have that time where I'm just like the disciples pulling and tugging on God to come help me. He's always here! Why am I so insistent that He come when He's here. Usually I wear myself into a lump and pass out or go to sleep...not sure.

You are pleasing to our Father...You still see Him as your only source and answer. Know prayers are going up in places you could never even imagine.

God bless you all.