Monday, February 23, 2009

Leaking The News

Hey Friends,

I can't tell you how much your prayers and support have been to us these last couple of months.
Here it is a few days from March, and we are still struggling in our little boat. We have confirmed that land is ahead of us, but the current, waves and wind still pound us. We are following Jesus...He is walking ahead of us...In fact, I can see Him better each day. Oh! How I want to follow Him! Even through this treacherous storm...I don't want Him out of my sight.

I believe He has given me permission to share some of the details of our storm.

On January 9th Mike was let go at Billy Graham. Since my job had been cut back to 1/5th time we knew we were in serious trouble. I know there are a lot of folks in our situation in this economy, but this also brought out some pride issues and I've never experienced before.

Why is it that Christians can be the most cruel to other Christians?

Mike was out of work one week.....He got a job at Cracker Barrel as a server. I am so proud of him.

Our whole life has been up in the air tossed and turned by the wind and waves of this storm. Our bills, our insurance, Zoie's school....everything.

But when I say Jesus was walking ahead of us, I meant it! We have not missed one payment on anything! He has provided everything! Even counseling! Mike and I are going to a counselor because of the hurts and anger that came to the surface. It has been wonderful....hard at times ...I mean who wants to bring up their junk

Now for the land we see ahead.

Through God's amazing guidance and grace, Mike is filling out all the paperwork (and there is a ton) to become an Army Chaplain. He feels more called to this than anything I have ever seen him go toward! If all goes well, he will enter Army Chaplains/Officer's school in September. He will be there three months. Then we will move to where ever God directs us.

This is God Y'all! Our families and Zoie are behind this! Our church and friends have all been more than encouraging.

Mike put it this way: "I have never dreamed that there was a vocational ministry position out there, that would take every desire I have ever had in ministry and roll it into one position... until I looked at The Army Chaplaincy."

Our life is every way except one...


Pray for us as we start this transition. We will remain in a finacial storm until September. Pray for this priss-pot as one day soon she will be in the middle of an Army base surrounded by people in fatigues carrying guns! I can't wait!

I love you guys


On Purpose said...

Praying for your amazing family!

Kristen Myers said...

I am so thrilled to get this update. I will call you to hear even more. Woohoo! Keep rowing my sister!

Oh, and one more thing. Make sure ya'll put Fort Leonard Wood as a preference. Missouri really is a nice place to live! Hee Hee!

Love ya!

Nicole said...

Wow on all these changes. You do have a lot going on, BUT like you said God has not changed and He never will. Don't you think He has a sense of humor...stationing a "priss pot" on an army base. :) God is so comical sometimes. I love it!!!

Praying for your family right now.


Beverlydru said...

Dearest Pamela, I kinda thought you might be dealing with issues such as this. Amazing future ahead! Know that you are not alone in looking in faith for "What good thing is God going to do next?" Builderman has been challenged big-time in his business by this economy. Similar challenges in my endeavors. But minus ministry hurt, which is the most painful sort. I'll keep on prayin'!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sweetie for all that you said. You're so awesome and I don't tell you that enough.

I Love you very much!

Mr. Incredible

Chatty Kelly said...

So sorry you have had this stress and so happy for you that you chose counseling. I totally believe in this wonderful venue to help us heal.

May you continue to follow Jesus even in the storms of life.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Thanks for sharing that wonderful news. I love your out look on things.....VERY encouraging!

Kay Martin said...

Bless you all. What an amazing adventurous life!!! I know there have been major issues on call of God on your lives and I read this and I feel your pain, but oh, how I see God's Hand using all to set you up for the best you have ever known.

Your husband is a mighty man of God and I can only imagine what he will encounter as chaplain. I am seeing such hunger in young seekers today. Evangelists such as your husband will have harvest of souls in this time in amazing numbers.

Bless you wonderful wife for all you are being as the glue in your family. I read all this and I see you are closer to one another than ever before. God is filling you with the family nurturing bonding and you are indeed beautiful.

2009 will be a year you refer to with smiles forever!!! The best is yet to be!

Golden~1 said...

Hey Pam,

Please know that I am keeping you and your family in prayer. I thank the Lord for your honesty and openess. It is desperately needed in this time.

Thanks for the book. I really appreciate it.

Love you,


Runner Mom said...

Wow! GOd is so faithful! I'll be praying for y'all!

And...if you add a little bit of pink to those fatigues (ugly green), you'll never notice the green?? Sound like a plan??


Elizabethd said...

Praying for all the decisions and the changes in your life.

LynnSC said...

I love you my Sweet Tuesday!! We are praying for you and your family. God is so amazing in our times of need.

Can't wait for each update!!
Love you,

Starr said...

Wow! I did not know you had been through so much. Life can really be hard, but God is so much tougher than any problem we face. He can beat it all and bring us out on top every time. I have just experienced that first hand. Anything you may be called (or forced) to leave will ALWAYS be replaced by more than you can even ask or imagine. Hang on for the ride. It's bumpy, but awesome!!
Love and Blessings.