Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm a Garbage Truck Princess!

Hey Y'all!
I looked at my blog and could not believe it had been so long since my last post! Time has whizzed right by me and I feel like a spinning cartoon character!

A little over a week ago Mike and I were in Atlanta for the Chaplain interviews with our denomination. Now it is wait and see time again. We will know something after the 21st. That is when they will decide for sure. Pray that the trustees will see the call we believe God has for Mike as a Chaplain and give us the endorsement. Mike still has some hoops to go through for the Army too, so pray that they will go smooth and get scheduled quickly.

My school let out last Friday and I am no longer a teacher there. It was my decision. I was only part-time and felt that since there is a high chance we will be moving either in December or March that it would be easier on the school to hire someone for a whole year and I could get us ready to move without worrying about having to work. So come next fall, I will be subbing and doing some testing for the school...but not teaching. It is bitter sweet. I love the school! I love the people I have worked with there! I will miss being a part of the everyday climate there. But it is right....hard but right.

Did you see my title today? No, my dad does not own a garbage trucking business. Neither does my husband. The truth is that I am a princess. Always have been ...always will be! However, (Big sigh......) I am also a garbage truck!

For years I have let the events in my life gather its stinking garbage in my truck bed. I have stuffed down offenses, I have sucked up hurts, I have turned my head to tragedy and heaped more and more of life's garbage on my back to carry it along. Only like a full garbage truck, it has sometimes been caught by the wind of life and has spewed out onto others that are passing by. Many times, I have flipped a little out on a passing driver who did not drive like my policeman daddy taught me to drive. Or better yet, it has spilled over onto my family since they are always around and don't seem to mind too much. I've rationalized this by saying, "Oh! They know me and know I didn't mean to hurt them. They are family and they are safe. They know I love them." But my garbage would spew or fly at them and anyone who got too close everyday until I have officially become a self proclaimed garbage truck princess!

AHHHH! But you see last Tuesday in counseling, I let the Garbage Truck King clean out my truck! He isn't like me. He doesn't keep heaping garbage on his back. His garbage doesn't even belong to him! He collects other's garbage and instead of carrying it around to dump someplace you know what he does? He burns it up right there! There are not even ashes left! No remnants or even the odor of garbage! Truthfully, there is not even a smell of the smoke! Nothing! Well, one thing is left....can you believe this....bright white clean...with the fragrance of forgiveness and love.

Many times I have come and placed part of my garbage with this King. But this past Tuesday he wanted the hidden messiest stuff. He went after a memory...a horrible memory that I wanted no one to know about. A memory I didn't want to believe even happened. A memory I had buried in the darkest corner of my truck bed. I had covered it with years of other garbage. But the Garbage King wanted to clean that corner. And BOY HOWDY did He ever clean it out.

I will share this story with you soon. Because now that it has been cleaned, the King told me I had to share it with others so He can clean out theirs too. But first I want you to pray for me as I share it with my family first. They need to know first. Pray also that I will go everyday to let the Garbage King clean out more so that neither I or my spiritual enemy will try to fill it up again.

One last note....Thank you Jesus for being my Garbage King and cleaning out all the garbage in my life. Thank you for desiring your princess to be a Limo not a Garbage truck! I love You!


On Purpose said...

As you dance in celebration and praise...never forget that you bring a smile to our Gods face! Friend I love you and am celebrating for an even deeper intimacy and freedom you are living in today! Amen!

Kay Martin said...

You are a princess! Garbage; it doesn't show or smell: that's a good truck bed.

I so identify with the holding on to the hefty bags of garbage. But you realize you need a clean out. That's the evidence of God working in you.

I need to interview you on a book I'm writing. When it suits send me an email.

Know that I'm praying for God's perfect will on all fronts as June 21st nears. How valuable you and Mike are in God's Kingdom!!!

Sharon said...

Awwwww you are a princess, I too don't smell anything stinky around here!
But I so agree with you! What a great post! You have gave my mind alot to ponder on today :)

Have a beautiful weekend

Cindy said...

Hi 'Princess'

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and blessing me with your comment. I LOVE to meet new friends.

Just wanted to let you know that God has blessed us with a vacation plan which includes our son and I can't wait to share in two weeks.

Blessings to you,

mpz3 said...

I am so glad that He is cleaning us both out and to me, you will always be my little petite limo and never a garbage truck!
Love, Mr. I

Beverlydru said...

Washed that truck as white as snow, huh? How awesome is that??!! Praying for you. Glad to know that God's hand is mightily upon you.