Friday, May 29, 2009


I hate them!
Don't you?

This post comes out of the urge to ask for your prayers on several things for us right now. Things that involve limitations.

First is my mom. She had surgery Wednesday on her neck to help her vertebrae not press her spinal cord. The condition was putting limitations on her arms and legs. Pray for her as she recovers and gains back mobility this limitation caused. Another temporary limitation has been placed on her during her recovery time, that needs a prayer word from you. She can't drive for 5-7 days. She is an active person and this is not going to be easy on her at all. It also brings me to the next prayer request.

Mike and I are gong this coming Monday -Wednesday to interview with our denomination concerning him becoming an Army chaplain. Zoie still has school and will be staying with my parents. My dad will take her to school every morning and my mom will pick her up. It will barely be 5 days but she got permission to drive only to the school and back. But please still pray. Pray that Zoie will be a help during this time they have togethern and not add to or become frustrated by mom's limitations.

Lastly, pray for the limitations that Mike and I have discovered are on us both because of unforgiveness that resides in our hearts. We are going through God's training and redirecting right now in our thoughts and heart beliefs. It is painful but good. I can't wait until I am on the other side and can share with you completely. For now pray with us!

Thank you
We love you all!


Nicole said...

Praying dear one!!!

Kay Martin said...

As I read this I think of any time God has called me to the Big Destiny moments in my life. At each of those times there was always a fight: like your mom's surgery and a huge emotional/spiritual challenge. I think of Joshua and Caleb and God's people going on into the Promised Land. It was not handed to them: they had to possess it.

Praying for you and MIke as God empowers you to "possess" your portion!!!

Hallelujah. Know you're loved, cherished and prayed for. Be blessed. Forgiveness is yours; one onion skin layer at a time.

Beverly said...

I will be praying for all of you my sister.

Love ya.