Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm A Mom!

I'm a Mom

I'm a mom because I have birthed a child...a beautiful little girl...10 years ago tomorrow!
Happy Birthday my dear Zoie.
I know I'm a mom because my heart aches for her hurts, in a way it has never ached for my own.
I know I'm a mom because there is nothing I love more than sneaking into her bedroom at 4:45 each morning and waking her to ask her if she wants to come to my bed and snuggle with me for another hour.
I know I'm a mom because my prayer knees are getting much more calloused from all the times I've spent praying even over lost toys, or friends who have said mean things.
I'm a mom because I believe it is much more important to raise a child who loves and fears God in the Biblical way, than to be her best friend and give her everything she wants.
I'm a mom because I have cried after having to follow through with a punishment even when I knew it was for her best.
I'm a mom because I find myself stronger, taller, and meaner when it comes to taking care of hurt knees, feelings, and big mean Wully-boogers!
I'm a mom because there is nothing too big to either let go of or fight for her good.
I'm a mom because I don't even mind the yucky things like snotty noses and throw-up when my daughter is sick. And that's saying a lot for this priss-pot.
I'm a mom who loves to play dress-up but won't let her 10 year old wear real make-up...yes, Zoie... you only have two more years!
I'm a mom who loves my child's father and if put in a situation by said daughter on choosing sides between the two of them...she already knows, Dad wins... and in the long run she does too.
I have not been blessed with a quiver full of children like I always wanted.
I could only have one...technically by earthly standards she wasn't supposed to be conceived..HA! Praise God, we have a mighty Creator who deemed me a mom no matter what science says!
I'm a mom! I'm proud of it! I love it! There are days when it wrenches my heart out! There are days when my patience is tried and my frustrations are high! But more over there are days when the joy, laughter, hugs and kisses are blessings that bring me straight to the throne of God and there, I shout with all praise...
I'm a MOM!

No better way to celebrate a birthday, and my 100th post!
Love Pamela


On Purpose said...

Congrats Pam on being an amazing Mom! This is beautifully written, but more than that it is beautifully lived out! Praise God!

Happy Birthday Miss Zoie, live today like the princess you are!

Blessings to a beautiful and amazing family!

Love to you!

Golden~1 said...

Happy Birthday Miss Zoie. May you continue to enjoy life abundantly and remain a child in your heart. That has always worked for me.