Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zoie Got a Blog Awared!

Hey Y'all,
Edie over at just gave Zoie a Kreativ Award. Check it out, ain't it pretty!

Zoie has to say seven things about herself or me that y'all might not I'm turning it over to her:

Hey Y'all
Its Zoie and these are my seven things:

1) I was born in Georgia....means I'm a cute little Georgia peach.

2) I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 4 years old. When my dad baptized me, I was so scared I dunked him with me. I came up out of the water smiling and he was soaked!

3) I had prayed for a dog all my life. In fact, my mom says the very first time I ever laughed was at a dog at my babysitter's house. As you can see I must love dogs! I finally got one for my seventh birthday. Her name is Keekee bear and I love her! She is a miracle dog because she had parvo and survived it! Thanks to my parents giving her medicine every hour on the hour for 48 hours and my Aunt Amy giving us the medicine...her husband is a vet.

4) My best friend's name is Sunni. We have been best friends since 2nd grade. We are two blond chicks who try to do everything together. I will miss her when we move!

5) I was in my school's production of "The Sound Of Music." It is the junior/senior high production but they needed someone small enough to play Gretle. ;) So they chose me! One cool thing, was that the actor who played Rolf in the movie came to see our production and gave me an autograph! Now how cool is that?

6) You guys know I like to sing...This year, my granddad's quartet got invited to sing a concert at a church in NC. When they called him, they also asked for me to come and sing for them too. It was my first concert.

7) Since none of you have ever seen a picture of me on my mom's blog, I have blond hair, brown/green eyes, and I am almost as tall as my mom. In fact, I wear the same size shoe as she does. I got my ears pierced last fall and having pierced ears ...ROCKS!

Thanks again Miss Edie for the award.

I don't know who to give this award to, so I want all my mom's readers to tell us seven things. OK? PLease, I want to see how many responses I can get. Don't let me down...I'm only 10.

Bye Y'all

PS. Don't y'all think I need my own blog? Talk my mom into it! She doesn't think its safe for me now.


Chatty Kelly said...

Congrats Zoie! Gigi (my daughter) got one too! I have a page about her, but she doesn't have her own page either. (She's almost 10). I think becasue there are so many bad people it the word, it is better to be safe than sorry.

I think your mom is smart. She must be because look what a smart daughter she has raised! :-)

Edie said...

You are very welcome Zoie! I loved reading about you, and giving you an opportunity to practice a little blogging with your mom's guidance. She is being very smart so listen to her and learn from her.

I got my ears pierced at about your age too. Only I didn't think it Rocked at the time. Back then we pierced ears with a needle and thread. Not only did that hurt but one of my ears got infected.

Have a great week!