Thursday, November 5, 2009

Salty As Country Ham!

Hey Y'all,

God says I am the salt of the earth. I'd like to be as salty as a good ole piece of country ham. There's not a whole lot I like more than a country ham biscuit with a coke.

This on-line study we are doing together about how God feels/thinks about us, has been a challenge for me. At first, I wanted to get out my commentaries, Greek lexicon and my New Testament notes from seminary. So that I could post my thoughts based on the research I'd discovered.

Instead God lead me to look at the value of salt. What was the value of salt in Jesus' day? What is the value of salt today?

I was floored! In every generation, but especially in the Bible times, salt was as valuable as water. Without salt a society can not sustain itself. Kingdoms would often have to move or die out when the salt deposits were gone. Today with all of our advanced means of transportation, we no longer have to move. However, if suddenly there were no usable salt deposits...Well let me just leave it at the ...!

Salt equals life!

Next instead of looking at this new information from a doctrinal/theological standpoint, I asked myself this question.

What does it mean to me that God thinks I'm salt?

For me, it means that I am a giver of life. God has intrusted me and you to give by seasoning His love and salvation on everyone we touch everyday. He has made us preservers of life. We are the instrument that He uses to provide healing for the hurting, comfort (isn't most of our comfort foods loaded with salt) for those who feel undone and unloved, and salvation for the lost.

God could save the world without ever using a single believer....He's God! Yet...He chooses to sprinkle me and you onto others for His purposes.

That makes me feel important....needed....loved.

So today, I'm asking God to salt my world today like a salty piece of country ham! Who knows I might even start dancing an old dance called the "Salty Dog Rag!"

I loved your answers and would like more of your thoughts. This is a an amazing study to me.
I'll post another verse tomorrow.



mpz3 said...

Wow! I loved your post baby... much to think about today! i love the way you write.

Golden~1 said...

I agree WOW!

This post makes me think about the value am I adding to the lives of others.

Am I depleting or enhancing? Do I add flavor or overpower?

Thanks for the thoughts.


Kristen Myers said...


I love your thoughts. Your post reminds me of the value of "getting out of the salt shaker."

So often as Christians, we are content to stay in our Christian circles, our Bible studies, our Christian schools, etc. However, as God has been showing me lately, Jesus got out among the world and showed His true self there.

We also are to follow His example and be the salt out of the salt shaker. Much to ponder!

Thanks for being salt to me!!

Amy@LivinginHarmony said...

Love this post. I realize that I have not been the salt to others that I should. I pray that I will allow God to refreash me so that I can "get out of the shaker" like Kristen said.

Wylie said...
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