Monday, November 9, 2009

The Other Side Of The Lake

Hey Y'all,

A quick catch-up before I post today's verse. We heard Friday that Mike's paperwork did NOT make the November Army Boards. Our recruiter has promised us December. Pray that he can keep this promise.

Zoie came home from a 3 day field trip with her 5th grade class on Friday. She had a blast, but was missed something awful! We spent the rest of the weekend being together. I took her out to McDonald's Saturday morning for a country ham biscuit and a coke. (*_*) It turned out to be a Divine Appointment! Zoie had been struggling and questioning why it was taking us so long to get into the Army. We talked about many reasons God delays His will for us. But to be honest, neither of us was satisfied with all the "Good Christian Theology" answers I was giving her. Then out of my mouth came a new thought. Maybe one reason we are being delayed, is because we have not completed every assignment God has for us right here! As Zoie and I looked at that possibility, it seemed to ring true for both of us. Through our discussion, we began to see several possibilities and areas of service, we could do right now while we are still here. Both of us became excited and renewed.

Then last night, our pastor was teaching on the story of Jesus calming the storm. He pointed out something I had heard many years ago but had forgotten. I tend to focus on the storm calming power of Jesus. Pastor Andy pointed out the reason Jesus said they had no faith....Jesus had told them before getting into the boat that they were going to the other side of the lake. He didn't say we are going to try. He didn't say let's sail in the lake a while. He said," Let's cross to the other side." He told them where they were going....wouldn't He know...and shouldn't we...that if Jesus directs the destination...then no matter what storm or delay...shouldn't we believe that He will get us there! I once heard an old pastor say: "If the disciples really had faith...they would have laid down to take a nap beside Jesus!" Well I'm not going to nap...I'm going to look for every opportunity to serve Him here...until He places us the destination He has commanded that we will go!

Now for our Identity Verse:
Jesus says

"You are the light of the world--like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden." NLT

What does it mean to you when Jesus says you are the light of the world? What do you think He is thinking about you as He says this? How does this make you feel?
Post and share.
I will post my thoughts next time.

Thanks so much for doing this study with me. It has blessed me beyond what I could ever describe.

I love you my shinning light friends


Mrs. CP said...

Pamela, if he goes before the Dec. boards, he could still possibly attend CHBOLC in January if there are still spots available. I know they offered my hubby a spot at the Sept. school after he passed the Aug. boards, but we didn't want to try to turn things around that fast, so we opted for Plan A of the Jan. school. But if he is interested in attending CHBOLC in January, I'd say let his recruiter know in case there are any spots available. And so you guys can start preparing for a quick turnaround over the holidays if the opportunity arises. I'm excited for you guys!!

Amy@LivinginHarmony said...

Thank you so much for reminding me that God does know where I am going even when I don't. About 18 months ago God calling me to began speaking - to tell my story but so far there have been no door to open that opprotunity up to me. I had began questioning if I had really heard Him correctly. He has confirmed in my heart that I did hear Him and He will open the door in His timing.

mpz3 said...

I am the housing for the light, the Holy Spirit, to shine through. I think Jesus is thinking, "Wow, if my children would let me have total control i can illuminate the dark places in their lives and show them around in their own temples. It makes me feel great that He desires to truly help me see my life and use my life to make darkened areas saturated with His Spirit.
Wow! These are really good baby, but tough to flesh out in different ways.

Mr. I

Kristen Myers said...


I can't help but think of this passage in terms of the recent holiday - Halloween.

As I walked the neighborhood trick-or-treating with my two boys, we continually looked for the houses with the lights on. We never once attempted to even walk up to the houses that were dark.

We are so similar. When we allow ourselves to be filled with the light of Jesus, others will want to approach us and come onto our porches of life. If they only see darkness coming from us, they will never attempt to get close.

I am so thankful that God sees us as His vessels. This verse also reminds me that rather than attempting to force the light from my own self, I must rely on Him to light me and my way!

Thanks for doing this study!!!

Sending hugs your way! And still praying for your future chaplain family!

Jo Thrift said...

Have patience just keep serving Him in places you can at Lakewood until the time comes

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Beautiful thoughts...praying that the Lord leads at just the right time!

Sharon said...

The light of the world represents the Holy Spirit living in me as a christian and I need to shine my light before men so they will see Jesus! Wow! I need to remember this each day!!!