Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Match or a Light House?

Hey Y'all,

This Bible study on what God thinks about us has been amazing! I have loved your comments on the verses I've posted so far...ain't God good!

" You are the light of the world---like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden." NLT

It was hard for me at first not to just accept and rely on the truths I've heard about this verse from other teachers and pastors. So much has been said about us being lights for God. I want, in this study, to ask myself what is God saying about our Identity in Him. What does it say about my value to Him. Because this verse is so familiar and over used...I did go to to my interlinear Bible and look up the verse in Greek.

Something hit me: The first two words, "You Are..."

In the Greek this is a Second person present tense indicative verb. English slang translation:
This phrase is a statement of fact! (Indicative verb). This means that when Jesus said this about us His followers He meant that we ARE the light of the world...not that we can be...or gonna be...or was...or even trying to be.....we already ARE!

It is not what we do that makes us the light of the is who we are....we belong to Him...He lives in us....We are because He is!

In both John 8:12 and John 9:5, Jesus says of Himself..."I am the Light of the world."

The reason Jesus calls me the light of the world is because I belong to Him. He is living and shinning through me and guess what.....Nothing I do changes that!

Light is important to God and us....It was the very first thing He spoke into being in our world.

I cannot stop the light. Even by trying to hide it under a basket....I will still shine...though not as bright.

But as y'all know, even an itty bittty match can light up a big O' dark room.

No matter what I think about me....I will still illuminate Jesus to the world...either as small as a match or as big as a light house! He says....I illuminate! this Bible study!

Leave some more comments here about what it means to you to be "The light Of The World."

New verse next post!

Wanting to be a light house!

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Amy@LivinginHarmony said...

WOW !! Those first two words... You are... are so powerful. He didn't say you will be, you can be, or you can become but He made sure to tell us "You are." For me that is hard to accept. There are so many times that I do not fell like the light. Thanks for reminding me.