Thursday, August 20, 2009

Walking On Unbalanced Shoes!

I need your help. The enemy is kicking my but! It is little things that seem like such boulders and they seem to big to move.

I feel so much like a character in one of my favorite books called Hinds Feet On High Places.
Her name is "Much Afraid" and I am "Much Afraid."

In this allegory of a Christians walk with God, Much Afraid is attacked by her evil family every step of the way, on her path to the High Places. Her cousin "Craven Fear" and his friends "Pride" and "Bitterness" constantly assault her and torment her as she seeks to Follow the Good Shepherd up the path He has for her. Her companions on this journey are "Sorrow and Suffering."

Well "Much Afraid's" enemies have been attacking me like crazy! I feel like Jesus wants me to follow up a steep path. A hard path...but one with a glorious treasure and view at the top. However like "Much Afraid," I feel inadequate, scared, and can only see the obstacles.

I've read the faith knows that if I follow Jesus, I will be able to make this matter how hard...all the way to the top. I also the top of this path, is so much better than what I am comfortable with here....yet...I am still much afraid.

I need your prayers. Today I am making the first steps up this steep cliff. My feet are shaky and I am feeling very I am trying to climb with my feet in one flat shoe and the other with an 8 inch spiked heel!

But stepping I am. May God grant me Hinds feet to follow Him to the high places. May I listen no more to "Bitterness," "Pride," or "Craven Fear." May all the more, Jesus receive the Glory!

Thank you for your friendship and prayers
A wobbly much afraid Pinkshoelady


Kay Martin said...

I recall finding that book years ago when I was in a "new" place that had me off balance in fear. Bless you and Mike...I don't know when you will "feel" the rock under your earthly feet, but I know He's there. Know that I can relate too well to your sense of walking on unbalanced shoes. I personally have identified with Charles Stanley: "I feel like I'm out on a limb high in the air and I hear the chainsaw cutting it off. If God is there to catch me I'll be fine, but I dont' see Him with my natural eyes."

The only truly good thing about all of this is that our Loving Father never wastes these times. He is growing Himself deeper and deeper within you for Kingdom purposes.

Love you so.

mpz3 said...

thank you for posting again. I love you so much and praise God for a wife that is willing to follow Him even to the difficult high places.

Edie said...

You are working out your faith. Those are hard moments. I am praying now. He will see you through.

Much love!

My word verification is "relesse". I think it was meant for you. :)

Runner Mom said...

Lifting you up sweet friend!! Don't give him a foothold!! And thanks so much for your wonderful decortaing advice!!

Love ya!