Monday, August 24, 2009

Boulders, Slipping Feet and Eggs!

Hey Y'all!

That path I told you about in my last post, just took a few steps and already...and I have discovered a boulder in the way the size of a whole Army! In fact it is the Army, or at least the MEPS (medical ) portion. 8 years ago, Mike had an allergy test done and one of the things listed on the test was an allergy to eggs. Well we laughed! Mike has continued to eat eggs and things that contain eggs almost everyday. This allergy showed up on his medical records and the Army has automatically given him a medical disqualification. We tried to get a waiver but was turned down. Our next step is to get a doctor to officially document that this is a non medical issue. Mike will see our primary doctor tomorrow. His name is Dr. Villamore. Please pray he will be able to give Mike the right paperwork to put this issue to rest. We need this done so that Mike can complete his physical, and get his packet to the board before September 3rd. We believe with all our hearts this is God's will for us. He is a God who can pulverize boulders. So would you pray with me for the next few days, in order that we may see the mighty, boulder-breaking hand of God move. And then all involved will be amazed at His handiwork?

I have to admit, my faith and feet has slipped a couple times the last few days. Tears of fear and faith have battled for my attention and emotions. This path I am on will take me not only into the Army as a chaplain's wife, but also into a new direction in my ministry. I'm going to say it out loud or I will continue to dodge it and deny it, so here it goes. I believe I am to write more.
This scares me. I know what some of you are thinking...Pamela, you have been blogging this devotional for over a year. Pamela, haven't you been writing Special Ed Bible Study for 13 years?
Yes to both...but both are a different type of writing. The curriculum is creative "how to" with fun takes on the Bible stories and an application story. The blog...well it is more like sitting and chatting with you.
I'm a little scared of the kind of writing, I feel God is asking me to do. I took a correspondence writing course once, and it became clear that I could tell a story, but not show the story. In other words, I speak it better than I write it!

Please pray for me as I seek out this steep path. I feel a little like Abraham, as he left for the land God would show him, not having a map or GPS to guide him. I don't even know what tomorrow's step will be.

I love you all and I am trying to be as real as I can. Your prayers are needed. Your advice is more than welcome. I'll post a little more tomorrow about some more of the fears (I mean lies) that are in my head and fingers. I ultimately want to follow my Jesus up this treacherous looking path. Will you help me?

Thank you for listening.
I love you.
Still "Much Afraid" Pamela


Kristen Myers said...

Sweet, Sweet Pamela, whether or not you want to admit it dear friend, YOU ALREADY ARE THAT KIND OF WRITER. And I love you for it!!!

I will start lifting up some dynamite prayers for you and Mike. Hopefully soon, we all will be looking back and asking, "Which came first? The chaplain or the eggs?" :o)

Love ya!

Kay Martin said...

Bless, you and Mike. I feel your pain and know I am praying. I don't have any great wisdom but know I am with you and praying for God's favor and His directing for you all.

You write so well I have to work on not envying you. I truly believe you could handle any writing assignment presented to you. This one is done before yuo begin.

God bless.