Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Giver is Now Receiving The Ultimate Gift!

In this life he was a giver!
He gave everything...money, time, compassion, prayers, advice, and love.
I've never known him to hold anything back. If he could help, he did. He was the first everyone "who knew him," called when help was needed. You knew, that if he found out you had needed help and didn't let him know, he would be hurt.

Oh, people did take advantage of him...but then...he gave forgiveness.

My friend Bonnie is now being given to, in person, by the Great Giver.
God called Bonnie home Friday night while I was at the Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference.
To tell you the truth, I was torn....stay where I believe God called me...or rush home to be with the family. It was a struggle!

Every time I was at the point where I was ready to pack up my things and call it quits...I would see his face.
He would lay both arms across my shoulders or put his finger in my face and in a firm but loving voice say, "You stay where you are! Don't you come home." I learned many years ago it was useless to argue with Bonnie. You just obeyed. So I stayed.

I made it home on Sunday, after the conference, for the visitation.
I was amazed at the people. This man had loved and helped so many!
Honestly, I had always thought I was special...I was amazed....yes...I was special...as were so many others.
We all felt special to this man who could love so deeply. Many there felt like I did, that they were losing a second father.


To love so deeply that people feel you are part of the family...loved like a daughter or son!
Please God, help me to love like that....I don't. I want to. It is the way You love.

Look at the picture above.
This is Bonnie loving me at my wedding. My favorite picture....with one of my most favorite people ever!

Bonnie, receive all that Jesus has stored for you. You deserve it.
You sure gave us all His love.
I know Jesus better for having been blessed enough to know you.
I miss you.

Thank you Jesus for granting me the blessing of seeing, hearing, and feeling Your love through this "Giver"...my friend Bonnie.

I love you all


Chatty Kelly Combs said...

So sorry for your loss, Pamela. May you continue to be blessed by Bonnie's memory.

Runner Mom said...

Oh, I am so sorry as well! I am sure that he would have wanted you to stay and soak in more of Jesus so that you can go and share His love. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!


Leebird said...

I can't wait to meet him in heaven, Pamela! It was so precious to meet you at She Speaks. Love you, Lee

Kristen Myers said...

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man!

Thank you Pamela for following in your heart what you thought Bonnie would want you to do this weekend. For by doing so, you blessed me beyond anything I could imagine.

You are loving like Bonnie! You loved on me!

Love you too!

Starr said...

I am so sorry for your loss. It is certainly a tough thing to love someone you care about.
I am so glad you were able to attend She Speaks this year. I missed out on it this time, but maybe next year!
Have a wonderful day and I am thinking of you and miss you. Hopefully, I will have more time now to visit regularly.

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ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh sweet friend, I'm so sorry for your loss. What a treasure that was to read that....makes you appreciate those around you so much more. Loved this..thanks for sharing. :)