Monday, March 16, 2009

Miami or Bust!

Hey Friends,
Thanks so much for praying for my conference in Miami. You wont believe what God did! I woke up Friday morning over-come with anxiousness and dread...I did not want to get on that plane....I did not want to rent a car (I don't think I told you but I had never rented a car before)...I did not want to drive around in a city like Miami by myself! It was bad!

I prayed with my family before taking Zoie to school. I prayed with Mike before we left for the airport. I had been talking to God all morning...not listening mind you...yammering and complaining about how scared I was to do those things.

When we I checked in for my flight at the airport, I noticed that I did not have a seat assigned to me. This made my anxiety and blood pressure go way up. It is one thing to want God to let me change my mind about going, but it another to tell me I can't go! Mike and I had about an hour and a half before my plane was to leave so we sat down. I was so upset and anxious that Mike again prayed with or rather for me. He prayed that God would send someone to help calm my fears and that I would be able to enjoy the flight. I couldn't sit there any longer, so I told him I needed to head on to the gate and see about getting a seat on the plane. He walked me over to the security line, then walked over to a spot where he could watch me go all the way through.

As I neared the head of the line I looked up to look at him again for reassurance, there was a woman standing beside me in my line of view.

Y'ALL IT WAS LYSA TERKEURST! I couldn't believe it! I called her name and she looked up and said, "Hey There! We exchanged "How are you's?" and "Where are you headed?" questions before we had to separate to go through the security rituals. As I am putting back on my shoes, she walks up to me and asks about the conference I would be doing in Miami. She then asked if I was excited. I told her I was excited about the conference but that I really hated flying.
I also couldn't believe she remembered me, but she did...the pink shoe Lady!
Lysa asked if she could pray for me and she did right there. I was so touched by her prayer...her giving heart...and the encouragement and kindness she showed to me. Needless to say I knew that this was a God moment. His love coming through someone whom I admire so much.

I went on to the gate and sure enough they had booked 153 people for a plane that seats only 129. To make matters worse, there were no flights within 2 hours of Miami for the rest of the day! So if I did not make this plane, I would have no way of making my 8:30 conference the next morning. I called Mike and told him to pray. I prayed...but this time no longer anxious. I kept thinking about the prayer Lysa had spoken on my behalf to God. Why would the Holy Spirit waste any one's prayer. Why would He send the one person I admire so much, as a speaker, to pray for me if I were not destined to be on that plane?

Y'all, I was the last person allowed on the plane. We serve a mighty God. A God who sends whoever or whatever we need at the exact time we need it. He sometimes makes us wait till the last second...but He never fails to come through.

The rest of the trip was fantastic...even when I got in a car and I had to ask the parking lot attendant to show me how to drive it...It was a hybrid...This 1999 mini-van mom was clueless. Did you know those cars don't make a sound when they start up?

God blessed the conference and His presence was felt. He spoke to all of us there.

I just love him so! As long as he is with me ...I'm ready to fly!



Lysa TerKeurst said...

Wow Pamela...

how cool. I was so happy to see you flying off to use your gifts in such a wonderful way.

So glad to hear your time in Miami went well.

Sweet Blessings friend!


Runner Mom said...

Hey, Pamela!
Bless your precious heart! God is so good and faithful...even when we falter! So glad that Lysa was there to pray with you! Can't wait to hear about your weekend!


Chatty Kelly said...

Our God is an awesome God!!!! AMEN! I loved it!

Beverly said...

How wonderful that God showed you His majesty and power right there at the moment you needed to board.

God is so good!

Love ya,

LynnSC said...

Oh my... I hate that you were sick last night and I didn't get to hear this story in person. I wish you could have seen my face when I read that you were standing next to Lysa. Is God the coolest... or what??

I am so glad to hear that your trip was great.. and how God showed up.

I hope you and Zoie are feeling better. We prayed for you two last night.
Love ya!

Kay Martin said...

God does provide eh? Even sends a mighty prayer warrior like Lysa to pray and be there with you.

Miami in cold yucky weather up must be God's very favorite.