Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The God of Mixed Up Earrings

Just how much do you believe God cares about what you think about yourself?
Ask Zoie

The other day Zoie got off the little school bus at my campus and ran straight into my arms crying. I'm not talking little tears I mean sobs...the big slobbery sobs only a broken heart can produce.

I held her tight and tried hard to understand what could have made her heart hurt so bad. After several attempts the story came out. Her teacher had read some stories that the class had written out loud. She had some spelling errors that made her story a little hard to read. Since no one knew who the authors were of each story, everything was OK. That is until one of Zoie's little friends realized it was Zoie's story and began pointing to her and laughing. It was a mean thing to do and broke Zoie's heart. She held in her tears until she saw me from the bus.

I held her and talked to her. I agreed that it was mean. I also tried to get her to see that although it felt like the end of the 4th-grade-world, it really wasn't and that tomorrow no one would even remember it. She did not believe me. That's when God stepped in...don't you just love it when He does that!

She was looking at me from the front seat of the car. Suddenly a shocked expression came over her face..."Why are you wearing two different earrings?"

"I'm not."
"Yes! Yes you Are!"
I reached up and touched both ears...sure enough two different earrings...one a blue cross...one a blue tear drop. I laughed and said "Well, How about that? I've had these on all day and no one even noticed."
"No one told you that you had on two different earrings? No one noticed?"
"Nope! And I even went to lunch with some friends...no one said a thing."

"Mom! God did that! God did that for me! He is telling me that it doesn't matter! I mean if you can go around looking dumb with two different earrings on all day and nobody cared...then no one will care about my spelling mistakes!"

Honestly, I don't know if anyone noticed my earrings or not...don't too much care really cause they were both blue. Now...two different colors...well that might cause me concern. ;)
The important thing is that God used my mixed up earrings to teach Zoie a life truth. Nothing about ourselves is as important to anybody...but ourselves and God.

Our mistakes as long as we turn to Him are no more than mixed up earrings. In fact, we are already righteous in His eyes from the moment we give Jesus our heart...we are not waiting to be saints...we are. We are ONE with Jesus...We are ONE with GOD.
Check out John 17 if you want proof.

A God who loves us that much....Like Zoie I too am in AWE!!!!!

Thank You Father God! Thank you!

Love Pamela


Kristen Myers said...

I think you should start writing a book or at least devotionals on how to raise spiritually savvy kids. I am constantly amazed at Zoie and your parenting.

Keep up the great example for us all.

Love ya!

Chatty Kelly said...

Zoie is such a sweetheart - she is a tender heart like my Gigi. Oh how she gets her feelings hurt, and it nearly kills me. I'm glad God revealed the truth to her sweet heart and pray he continues to reveal and protect her blessed heart.

Kay Martin said...

I love this story. God uses our "oops" to mend a heart right on time. Your daughter shows all you and your husband have blessed her with as mom and dad. What extraordinary insight for such a young age.

My ADHD Me said...

"....I mean if you can go around looking dumb with 2 earrings...."

Aahhh...the sweet quotes of youth.


what a great story!

Beverlydru said...

How cool that she recognized God showing her something. Very discerning! Love that story.

Elizabethd said...

what a wonderful story.

Becky said...

I just wanted to say you blessed my soul with this story. My Bailey is nine and wears her heart on her sleeve. Its so hard to be a kid these days! Thank you for being a great example to your daughter and to the rest of us.