Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Parable of the Lost Love

Hi Dear Freinds,
Your prayers and encouragement continue to help us through this time of change and uncertainty.

I hope I can soon explain. But alas, there are issues that involve other people, people I would not want to see hurt. So until God gets through with this clean-up, I have to ask you to keep praying.

I do have an amazing story to tell you. Even when our world has been shaken to the core, God can show up in the most astounding ways.

Yesterday as I lunched at home, I noticed that one of the small side diamonds from my wedding ring was missing. I immediately dropped to the floor and started searching. Finding this small diamond became the most important thing in my day. I went over every inch of our carpet on my hands and knees. I shined a flashlight and slowly rubbed my hand across every fiber of that carpet. Mind you, I did not know where or exactly when I had lost the diamond. I was a woman obsessed.

With all we have been through lately, it seems the only earthly thing stable and secure was my marriage. Crazy as it seems this missing diamond represented an attack on that security. I prayed, I searched the carpet twice....this was not good for my back condition, but as it was, nothing else mattered. I kept imagining the woman in the parable of the lost coin and I emphasized with her plight in a whole new way.

Not only could we not afford to replace this small diamond but, nothing could replace what it represents. Finally I had to stop and go back to school. On the way I called my mom. She is a super prayer warrior. She prayed with me. She cried with me. She understood. I completed my duties and Zoie and I went home. She too got down on her knees and we again searched the carpet inch by inch. When Mike came home, he helped us search. Still no diamond.

I go to a Bible study on Tuesday nights and I did not want to go. I wanted to search more. Mike encouraged me to go and I reluctantly went. I am so glad I did! God spoke to my heart in a remarkable way through the story of Peter and the boatload of fish. To save time I will report on that tomorrow.

After the bible study I called home, hoping Mike had found the diamond. No luck, in fact he hadn't even looked! Hearing the disappointment in my voice, he did tell me that Zoie had decided to fast and pray through supper for God to return my diamond. This sweet gesture touched my heart so much. I knew I needed to stop worrying. So I asked God to show me the diamond if He wanted me to find it, but if not then give me the peace to accept my ring without it. I told her she could eat a late supper with me when I got home. She and I shared a small meal and then began to get ready for bed. As I walked into the living room from Zoie's bedroom, Mike turned to look at me. His eyes were on the floor and he stopped and shouted, "There it is! I don't believe it!" Scooping up in his hand the small diamond from off the carpet we had so diligently searched for, 4 times before! He said it had glittered at him just as his head turned. I grabbed the diamond tight between my fingers and jumped up and down, shouting praises and thank yous to God!

Y'all we had church!

God is so good! I still don't know where I originally lost the diamond. I know it was not laying anywhere on top of the carpet. The reflection of light Mike saw, could not have been from the light in the living room. It is one of my only complaints about our living room...not enough light! God just gave it back. It, along with the ring are now at the jeweler's to be repaired.

Such hope has come out of this. If God can put a small diamond where it wasn't before and shine it without the use of light as we know it, all for me and my family...ladies He can surely fix our matter the outcome...I now choose to believe...He already has!!!!!!

So like the lady with the found coin...I am shouting and praising and asking you to join me in celebrating. What was once lost has now been found! Question is am I talking about the diamond or my own faith?

Love you


Barb said...

How awesome! God cares for us in such intimate and personal ways.

I want to say how impressed I am that Zoie (she's @ 10?) would even think to pray and FAST, much less DO IT. She is an incredible young lady - spiritually mature beyond her years. May God keep His hand and blessing on her forever!

Runner Mom said...

What a great testimony to our all-knowing God! WOw! And Zoie!! Bless her precious heart! I am rejoicing with you!

My ADHD Me said...

That was an incredible story! I feel good just reading it. I'm so glad that you found your diamond and also am so glad that you found it in such a wonderful way!

Kay Martin said...

Yes...Even if God created a diamond to honor your heart for His covenant of marriage with you and your husband, that prayer was an answer I believe our Heavenly Father delighted in answering.

Last night our pastor talked about the anointing oil Moses was commanded to use in the tabernacle. The first ingredient was myrrh: bitterness. He said when God is allowing pressing to come about us it usually comes as a bitter work and it mashes our flesh as an olive on the press. Then when the oil is pressed out God moves in great power through our natural gifts to bring the kingdom of God here on earth.

I know the pressure is great. I know the pain hurts, but coming to know you and yours I honor that God will not waste any of it. Souls will come into the Kingdom with all you are paying.

I praise God for moving in you all and I ask Him for swiftness to bring you into the glorious new level of His anointing.

Beverlydru said...

What a glory story! I am encouraged to hear how God encouraged you! These are difficult times we are in. I don't know many people who aren't being tested and tried. It's a good thing our lives are built on THE Rock!

Kristen Myers said...

Pamela, I am jumping up and down with you. I can truly picture all of you in your living room celebrating this small, yet huge, miracle.

You are truly blessed dear one, and God is not done blessing the three of you yet.

I will continue lifting you up in prayers.

Love ya so much.

Edie said...

I love this story Pamela. I know exactly what you mean too. I always pray when I have lost or can't find something. He has had to point out where my glasses are on numerous occasions. :)

I once had a similar situation (only not in the sense of valuable) where I dropped a needle as I was sewing something.

I held really still and searched my lap and the couch around me. Then I got up gently and searched the top of the couch cusion, then the carpet.

I was praying for Him to show me where it was because I didn't want anyone to sit or step on it. I was thinking mostly of my little grandaugter.

I had searched all over and was about to give up hope of finding it when all of a sudden it glistened at me from the couch where I was sitting. Just like you, I knew it wasn't there before. I had checked it several times.

Isn't He an amazing God?