Friday, January 9, 2009

An Itchy Answer To Prayer!

Hey Friends,
Zoie is finally starting to get better!
We went to see a dermatologist in Charlotte, NC yesterday.
He put her on a different antihistamine for the hives and a different steroid.

God even showed up! Here's how!

These hives come and go. When I picked her up from school she was not itching and did not have any breakouts. She had two spells earlier in the day, but not one spot as we get in the car.

I knew that the Dr. would need to see them and it would be a wasted visit if they was nothing there.

So...I told Zoie that I was going to pray what might seem like a mean prayer.
I prayed that God would allow her to break out bad, right before we got there! I asked God to let the doctor see these hives at it's worse form, so that he would know without any doubt, just what we had been dealing with for over 10 straight days.
Zoie echoed the prayer, because she too wanted the Dr. to see it.
All the way there I would ask, "Are you itching yet?" "No, Mommoum."
Again, I silently asked God to allow her to itch so the DR. could see.
2 blocks before the Dr.'s office she started itching. By the time the Dr. saw her her whole torso was covered in these big angry hives.
When we lifted her shirt for him to look at her back, (which was itching the most) he knew exactly what type of hives they were and what to do to fix them.
Before he examined her, Zoie was wiggling and scratching and trying anything to relieve the itch. I finally suggested she sit on her hands to keep from clawing herself. After he looked at her and began telling us what we needed to do, she suddenly looked at me and grinned really she had a secret.

As soon as we got into the elevator to go back to the car, she busted out, "Mom! God unanswered your prayer as soon as he (The Dr.) looked at them! Wasn't that cool mom? God answered...then unanswered your prayer! I'm not itching!"

We do serve a way cool God that allows the DR. to see what needs to be done then removes the problem for relief.

This has lifted her spirits so much!

She still has pleurisy and her pain scale is high at night and if she over-does it during the day. She will just lay on you and cry because each breath is painful. This will just take time to heal. We can deal with it better now that we are getting the hives under control.

So keep praying for her and us.

There is more with my back I will share tomorrow or sometime this weekend. I am hoping that by Monday I can be back to blogging and visiting you all again.

Thank You Thank you Thank you! For all your prayers and encouragement.
God has taught me a lot about caring for a sick child when the illness is not terminal, but long. I will share some of this with you next week.

We serve a great God! I love Him so!!!!!
Love you too!


On Purpose said...

How is Miss Zoie?

Regina said...

Pamela I am so glad to hear that God showed up and helped that doctor know what to do. Now maybe with one problem under control Zoie's body can concentrate on getting the pleurisy healed.

Yes! He is WAY COOL!

Love you,

On Purpose said...

This is WAY awesome Zoie! Yeah not so awesome that you are still feeling yucky...but that you are seeing God in the middle of the storm. I am praying for you sweetheart...I love you and I know that you are surrounded in prayer and two loving parents who care for you. Rest and know that you are shining Jesus in a big way!

Kristen Myers said...

Pamela, I know this has been so tough on all of you. I cannot help but think how Zoie is learning so much about the character of God - Provider, Healer, Counselor and Friend. How much more real He is becoming to her through this.

In a crazy way, I only wish for same for my boys.

Love ya and miss ya!

Kay Martin said...

I'm praying with you and I'm asking you to pray for a dermatitis that has persistently held onto me.

May God richly bless us all. Good health for the rest of's your turn.

Truth4thejourney said...

Praise God for His faithfulness to show up just when you needed Him! God bless you and your family this weekend,

sara said...

that was so great!!! And something that Zoie will never forget, that her God answers prayers specifically!!!

Beverly said...

Thanks for getting us an update. I will continue praying for all of you.

Watching and experiencing God at work is AWESOME!

Love ya,

Barb said...

What a wonderful memory for Zoie!! What a great way for her to realize that God just doesn't want to be put in a box of doing things 'just so'.

Good to hear from you!

Chatty Kelly said...

God is so amazing, and loving! I'm glad Zoie has the right meds now for her body, and I pray that she will soon be breathing healthy again!

Thanks for the uplifting update.

Edie said...

Hey Pamela - I'm so glad God took care of that situation. Now I want to know what the doctor said about it. I broke out in big bad hives (beginning on my back) every day for several years and the doctors didn't know what was causing it and just gave me antihistimines. I don't think any of the doctors ever saw the hives. I would look like I had been whipped. It finally went away but I never knew what it was, what caused it, or what made it go away.

Misty Akridge said...

That is such a sweet story and so typical of God!! i love it when He reveals Himself like that( to young ones especially!) hope her recovery is a speedy one from this point on!!