Monday, September 29, 2008

Tagged Again!

Hey Y'all,

Lynn over at has tagged me. Yay! I like playing tag! Go visit Lynn. She has a heart for God and I love visiting her. She is real. She is also real funny. I read her and I see myself. But most of all she loves Jesus!

So here are seven new random things about me:

1) I like to cook. I like making up recipes too. Which makes my husband sad. Not because he don't like my cooking but because he knows I probably wont remember how to make it again!

2) I once was called up on stage by a country singer named Tom T. Hall. For those of you old enough to remember he wrote and sang the song "I Love..." I was nine years old and he called me up at the end of his concert and gave me the harmonica he had been playing all night. A moment I will never forget!

3) I can speak in front of any size fear. However if you ask me to sing...My throat closes in fear and only small squeaks come out! Weird huh?

4) I come from a big extended family. I am # 20 of 22 grandchildren. By the time I was in high school there were over 80 of us that gathered at my granny's for Christmas.

5) I love Christmas! It is my favorite time of year! Oh...don't tell anyone but I still believe in Santa's Cause. Go back and read that again...did you catch it?

6) Plants can not survive around me. I have killed (N0, not on purpose) every plant that I have ever tried to grow, including one of those cactus that are attached to a shell. You just set them in your bathroom and they grow. You don't have to feed them or water them. Mine lived only 2 months. :(

7) I am deathly afraid of chickens! Live ones! I'll eat them! But I can not get close to them if they are alive. I was attacked by a large rooster when I was a young teen and the thing cut me up pretty bad before my mom knocked it off of me with a mop. My dad put it up in a tiny pin to let it fatten up and I got to decide how it should be cooked....can you say chicken salad?

So who am I tagging?


Please play. There are just too many of you I want to list.

I love you guys!


Runner Mom said...

Hey, girl!
Loved your comments! were attacked by a chicken? Been there and done that too!! Not a fun time!
love ya,

On Purpose said...

Beautiful layout...I actually thought I was on someone elses site by caught me off guard...change...that always gets me!

Love to you Susan! How is your back feeling...your last shot was today?

On Purpose said...

This is awesome Praise, thank you for sharing your I am all about celebrating :)

Have a great night!

Zoe said...

Your new site it fabulous! Just like you!!!
You've made a very comfortable and beautiful site to visit.

Kay Martin said...

Loved all of this. I like you invent dishes often. I know people think I'm secretive when they want a recipe and I have no remembrance of what I threw together. Usually whatever is in the house is what gets selected.

Good list.

Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Pamela,

I love the new look! Very feminine and pink! Looks great.

I had to comment on your chicken fear. I own chickens, we use them for eggs. We LOVE them but we have had to get rid of 2 roosters so far. I try not to get roosters, but that doesn't always work out. Then hens are nice, all of them! Sorry you had a bad experience.