Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Stamp

Hi Ladies,
Thanks so much for the prayers. My back is getting better and someone shared with me at school the other day how to survive the shots-recovery better. Overall the shots have lessened the pain and my mobility has improved tremendously. So I believe after this next round (and recovery of the cure itself), I'll be back to normal...maybe even better.

I loved all of your answers to my stamp question. It is amazing reading the different characters and why they mean so much to you. I agree with each one! We have a wondrous biblical history and no hero ever drawn or imagined could compare to the ones God designed.

My choice though would be Elijah. His very name means "YAHWEH is my God." His main objective as a prophet was to convict Israel to faith that YAHWEH alone is God. He was that voice that cried for belief in the One True God. He faced over 450 false prophets and seemed fearless and with such trust in God that it amazes me every time I read it. I love his sense of humor too in the face of such opposition. "Shout louder! Surely he is a god! Perhaps he is deep in thought, or busy, or traveling. Maybe he is sleeping and must be awakened." I don't know if I would have ridiculed all those prophets that way but Elijah did! Elijah also had the faith to show everyone that only the One True God YAHWEH could light a fire after it had been soaked in water the way that alter was soaked. The fire of God even licked the water dry! What courage and faith. He didn't always show that kind of courage. He got scared and faltered just like me. But that too is why He should be on my stamp. To him God was everything and could do anything!
I shrink at persecution sometimes. I have never been tortured or had my life threatened like Elijah.

My persecutions are more of the insult kind. Those snide remarks by unbelievers or even believers who don't understand my faith or relationship with God. I have recently come to live by this question by Lisa Whittle..."Am I willing to be disliked by others in order to be real before God?" So now when I see the roll of the eyes as I talk about Jesus from my extended family...or the "Miss Goody-Two-Shoes" remark...or even the "Why don't you say the blessing for us you do it so well." (with a sneer and a wink) I smile and say let me be bold like Elijah. Let everyone know that YAHWEH is my GOD!

I love you my sisters!


Kimberly said...

What a great choice! The Bible is so rich and so full of wonderful people, REAL people we can learn from and be blessed by! Oh, how thankful I am for His Word!

And I am thankful your back is doing a bit better. I will continue to pray for you!

Thank you for your tremendously sweet comment! You are such an encourager! And I would love for you to e-mail me about your daughter and the scripture you mentioned! You can reach me at

Blessings, sweet Pamela!

Beverly said...

I am glad you are feeling better.
Excited to hear who your choice on the stamp was. It is very hard to choose one there are so many great examples out in the Bible for us. See you Tuesday!

Elizabethd said...

That was an interesting choice for your stamp.
I'm so glad your back is improving.

kristenm said...

I love your choice of Elijah for your stamp. It's perfect, considering that you seem to be in your own Kerith Ravine right now. But just as God used this time to feed and stregthen Elijah, so He is doing with you.

Hang in there my friend. Enjoy the morsels He is giving!

Edie said...

Elijah is my favorite of those in the Bible because of His great faith as you described so well. I didn't realize that his name meant YAHWEH is my God. He is an excellent choice for a stamp with the meaning of his name just below his picture to point people to his Source.

Glad you're feeling better sister.

Starr said...

I am so glad you are feeling better! I have received alot of flack over the years from people for the Godly choices I make. Homeschooling my kids, for example; or choosing to be a work at home mom. But, after people begin to see you are successful at something you have chosen to do for God, they start to believe and see that you aren't wacky after all!
Love ya,

On Purpose said...

For our persecution one day will be rewarded with eternity and then we will remember the hurt no more!

Pam...I am praising God for you today knowing that you are definitely bringing a smile to His face!