Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stinky Dogs But A Good God!

Hey there!

I am sitting here today at my computer doing some work. I should be laid up on the couch or the bed, but I'm not I'm sitting at the computer.

Yesterday I was to have my last round of back shots. They are painful and the next day I am usually in pretty bad shape...Not today!

Because I had not had any pain in the last three days the doctor canceled my shots!
My husband was praying that would happen. He even asked me before I went if I was going to ask the doctor if I needed that last round. I didn't ask the doctor..he asked me about my pain...then he asked me if I needed the other shots! I started laughing. I told him that was a hard question to answer. He then did an examination and determined that I was pain free!
He did stipulate that if at any time I started hurting again I could have that third shot.

I wont need it!

God answered my husband's prayers! Mine Too!

About the stinky dogs...we have a beautiful black mutt named KeeKee Bear. We are dog sitting my parents dog a white and tan shiatsu (?) while they are gone on a senior adult convention. I just let them in from outside and they both are snuggled at my feet. Boy howdy! They stink! Like to took my breath away! But I can't turn them away, when they want to sit at my feet and just be near me.

I wonder if I sometimes stink to Jesus. I'm sure that my sins don't smell to good. I wonder if I stink just by being around others who are sin stinking? All I know is that Because I belong to Jesus His blood has made me clean...I can sit at His feet and just be near Him. Better yet I think I'll close so I can crawl up in His lap right now.

See ya later,
Love Pamela


Runner Mom said...

What a great analogy! Our dog just had a bath, so no stinky puppy here--at the moment!

Hmm...something to ponder over. Really good!
Love ya,

PS--So excited that you are feeling great! Glad that you didn't have to have that third shot! Woohoo!

On Purpose said...

This made me think...that dogs...okay I won't assume all dogs...my precious sweet princess girl dog likes to roll in the "stinkies"...she will find the spot in the yard that stinks the worse and then roll in it. How many times have I "rolled in the stink" when God is thinking...just get out of sweet child!

Elizabethd said...

So delighted that you are feeling better, and didnt need the third shot. God is good!!

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Beverly said...

I'm so glad we have some soap "The Bible" to help us wash all that stink away. Thanks for sharing

Love ya. Had a great time tonite at Bible study. Hope you have a great rest of the week.

My ADHD Me said...

What a great analogy!
It really is something to think about.

Glad your back is feeling better. Please take care!

Beverly Lewis said...

Oh I can smell it. Oh, I get it.

So glad you didn't have to have more shots!! Yay God!

Kay Martin said...

Thank God you are having relief from your back issues. When my son was a baby I had several years where my back was my focus continually because of the pain.

LOved yur analogy of smelly dogs on "your dogs." But with the hands on ministry God has invited me recently I see it that Christians cannot have the joy, peace and life they desire unless they are willing to have "HANDS ON" issues and people that might be termed smelly or stinking!

The money resources and the abundance from our homes and closets are important, but a check conveniently placed in an envelope without ever making personal contact may not be God's full call for most of us.

My ADHD Me said...

Good Morning!

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Edie said...

I'm so glad you're pain free Pamela! God is so good to His little sheep.

Thanks for praying over me too. I do appreciate it.