Saturday, April 2, 2011

Six Word Story

Hi Y'all, She Reads has a scholarship for the She Speaks Conference going that is really interesting. I thought I might give it a try. So here is my six word story. To enter yourself go here Flag, coffin, her husband bequeathed freedom. She Speaks is a conference for women who want to serve women for God's kingdom. It is an amazing conference and you can read a little about my own experiences there in the post below. If you want to know more go here I am going this year even if I don't win a scholarship. We don't have the money at the moment but I know that God will provide. I've already registered. Because faith is believing even in the unseen. Prayer request: Mike has gone to his 1st reserve drill. He began Chaplain duties today. I am so proud. Please pray that he will be a blessing and minister to these fine men and women who serve our country and may someday have to bequeath freedom. Love you all Pamela

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