Thursday, April 14, 2011

Battle Between Two Kingdoms

The battle lines are drawn. The two kingdoms are set to fight. The only question left is who will win in the end. Will the Kingdom of Icandoit or the Kingdom of Idon’twantto reign supreme. Both of these kingdoms are powerful with many influences throughout the area. Both kingdoms want full control and there can be no area of compromise. These two kingdoms cannot coexist in the same place. One will reign, the other will be banished. They may have to fight again another day but each time the winner will take all. Who will win? The ground they are fighting for is control of our own wills. We alone can decide the winner. Will you live in the kingdom of I-can-do-it or be ruled by the I-don’t-want-to’s? The battle is won by a simple decision, yet the tactics of the army’s in both camps can be strong.

Let’s start with the army of the Idon’twantto’s. Some of the weapons used are that of complacency, apathy, laziness, insecurity and fear. These weapons are powerful and will cause us to not trust our King or do our best. These weapons hinder us from meeting our goals and expectations. They cause us to doubt our abilities which leads to not trying and giving up. Ultimately the goal of the reign of the Idon’twanto’s is to stop us from succeeding and accomplishing the plan God has for each of us in His Ultimate and Eternal Kingdom.

There are also strong weapons in the Kingdom of Icandoit. In this kingdom the weapons of choice are determination, adaptability, focus, perseverance, patience, and one that at first seems unusual…
This last weapon is the most powerful and most successful in our being able to succeed the goals God has planned for us. But loss-of-control when turned over to God is the atomic power of this battle. It secures victory and becomes the strongest shield against any weapon thrown our way.

 This battle is not won by hand-to-hand combat, but a simple decision. Who will you believe? Will you choose to live with the Idon’twantto’s or the I candoit’s? One last bit of information before you decide; The kingdom of the Idon’twantto’s will bring about self-doubt, discouragement and failure. While, the kingdom of the Icandoit’s will bring you confidence, success and peace.

Today you must choose. Will you say “I don’t want to” or will you shout in victory “I can do it!” Have faith and believe God’s word as it says “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13. Because there is a secret about the kingdom of Icandoit…it’s true name is the kingdom of

I wrote this for our school newsletter last year.  I am struggling today and have been residing in the Kingdom of Idon'twanto!  God lead me to this article and I it encouraged me so much, I had to share it with you.
I am going to go abide now in the Kingdom of Icandoit.  I plan on swimming in the pool of faith and resting in the palm of my King Adonai's Hand!
Love Ya!

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