Friday, October 30, 2009

He Used His Hands!

Hey Y'all

No new news yet on the Army, so I'm going to get right to it!

I don't know about you, but sometimes I struggle with what I believe others think about me...including God.

I've been to seminary.....even graduated with an Master's of Divinity in Christian Ed. So I know the correct faith terms and theology. I can quote you chapter and verse on most of the scriptures about God's love for us.
I don't question His love for me at all.
I don't question His love for the world either.

Sometimes....I question my own worth in His eyes. Examples: When I've grumped at Zoie or Mike, When I look in the mirror and see my unconquered struggles with my height verses my width problem, (*_*) or when I put too many other things in front of my time with Him. As these questions hit me...only for a few minutes/hours sometimes...I rely on my ministerial training and "my chosen to fight verses." I even go to my own experience as a mother and how my like/love for Zoie doesn't change when she truly lets me down. And even on my best days as a mom, it is so minuscule, that it isn't even able to be picked up by the most powerful scope man has ever developed, compared to God as a parent.

Alas...the fact still remains that sometimes I don't feel loved, liked or special.

This is a lie-bondage! It can only be broken by believing the Truth and only the Truth....God's Truth.

In my Sweet Tuesday's (isn't that a cute name y'all?) Bible study, we are going through Jennifer Rothschild's Finger Prints of God. It is amazing! We are on week four already and I have learned so much. One thing that I have added to my arsenal in this fight I've described above is from week One. I just can't get it out of my head or my praise.

It is taken from the creation story. Now I need to confess that looking at the creation story I was a little sceptical about learning anything. (PRIDE) Because I have written that story and have dissected it many many many many times over the past 13 years writing the Access Bible Study Special Ed. Curriculum for LifeWay. But in all those years, I had never noticed this one tiny tidbit of a fact.

God spoke all of creation into being....everything that is recorded about the creation of the world...He spoke into being...except you and me. Look in Genesis 2:7; 21-22. In these verses God formed man and woman.


I don't know about you...but if God could speak all of creation into being...including light..but chose to form me with HIS HANDS! Well! That just puts a whole new light on what I think He thinks of me...and you.

I've decided to try something and I am hoping you will join me. In one of our counseling sessions at Grace Life International, we were given a handout on what God thinks of me as a believer...a new creation through Jesus. There are 66 verses on this handout from the New Testament relating to what God thinks about us. I am going to post one or two a week and lets discuss these together.

What do you think? Are you interested in these 66 verses? Want to be surprised at what God thinks about you?

I think we are all going to be amazed and astounded.

Love ya!


Nicole said...

I would absolutely LOVE for you to post these! I def need reminded of this from time to time.

Much love,


Amy@LivinginHarmony said...

I have always struggled with who I am in God's eyes. I would love to have you post that list of verses.

Kristen Myers said...


Yes. Yes. Please post the Scriptures. I remember seeing the list and thinking it was incredible.

Thank you for sharing them with us!