Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tripping Over This Story!

Hey Y'all,

Here's the latest update on our long journey to the Army Chaplaincy. Last week we received word that the MEPS doctor did say that the letter from our primary physician was enough to satisfy the allergy issues....YES! But...oh how I sometimes hate that word....he (The MEPS doctor) now needed more from our physician on Mike's IBS....what IBS? It seems that 6 years ago, Mike was having some problems with his digestive system and the doctor did some tests. Nothing was found to cause the issues... so it was ruled IBS...irritable bowel syndrome. No medicine was ever given and the problem resolved itself. No further problems of this nature have happened since. The MEPS doctor is being cautious. I understand. It would be a huge problem to be in the middle of a conflict, in an isolated and remote area, and have your chaplain with....uhm...let's say...bathroom distress. Our physician did a detailed physical on Mike today and has sent another letter to the army; stating that he has not treated Mike for any IBS type symptoms for the last 6 years, and can find no evidence that he has any digestive tract issues of any nature!
Hopefully this will be enough and Mike can go get the MEPS physical and complete his packet to now go before the November boards. Pray for and with us us about this.

Now for my post.

I love stories! No, you don't quiet get it....I...LOVE.....STORIES! I love reading them, telling them, hearing them, and creating them.

One vision I have of what might be in heaven, is a large room lined wall to wall, with books of all colors, shapes and sizes. In each book, there is the story of a life lived. The stories in the book will tell of every second that person has lived here on earth, and with God eternally. The stories about the life lived on earth, will not only have the full details of that life lived out in the physical world, but also what was happening in the spiritual world. We would be able to read about every service the angels preformed for this person. We would also see how every prayer, laughter, and tear affected the heavenlies. Would that not be fascinating? To read in amazement about loved ones, brothers and sisters...unknown to us now... about how fully God interacted with their lives? I tell you the thought gives me chills! I could record the physical facts of my life...what I remember...and what I'd have to research, but to also have recorded by the One, who only forgets my repented sins, what only He knows. WOW! Just simmer there a moment and let that sizzle a little around in your spirit. Swirl it deep into your heart, mind, and soul. Let it penetrate to the marrow of your being....then think of this.....

It's not your story after all

It's really only volumes of one story...GOD"S STORY. He is the main character! We are just mere supporting roles!

That bites at my pride a little, but also it makes my spirit sing out for joy!


I love that you and I are part of it together!


On Purpose said...

His story...and we get to play a I study Esther right now this too sings to my heart...great post!

~PakKaramu~ said...

Visiting your blog

Barb said...

Yes, to read the 'whole' story would be so interesting!

I love the idea of Him being an author. In a January blog, I mentioned the new year presenting a blank page for my lifestory to be continued by the greatest author I know!