Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Giving Up My "V" Colored Glasses!

Hey Y'all!

Still no word about a medical waiver from the Army for Mike yet, so keep praying. We did miss the September Board deadline but are still praying to be before the November boards.

I had to start wearing glasses when I was 16 years old. I found out I was nearsighted in Driver's Ed. class. I was devastated. To make matters worse, I could not wear contacts. I felt like those glasses just compounded to my own ugliness and would often choose not to wear them.

Over the years I have come to value seeing everything more clearer, over looking prettier. There is more value to me now in knowing the truth about small details, and having a clear perspective.

Which is why it came as a complete surprise recently, when I discovered that I have been wearing two pair of glasses!

One pair helps my eyes focus on the details in this world, while the other (to my utter shock) blurs my spiritual vision. I have been wearing "V" colored glasses! The truth is these are the wrong wasn't even from my doctor! The Great Physician!

The enemy has been sneaky and got me to wear these "V" glasses. They have clouded my spiritual vision to see myself as a.....


Being born with a physical disability = Victim.
Being of short stature = Victim.
Teased and called "Crippled Midget" = Victim.
Being mislabeled by teachers as "Slow" = Victim.
An attempted molestation at age 9 = Victim.
Being called the "Ugliest girl in school" by the cutest boy in school = Victim.
Not getting married until I was 36 years old = Victim.
Having been sexually assaulted = Victim.
Hard pregnancy = Victim.
Being told we were a sterile couple and could have no more children = Victim.
Many Health issues...some life and death = Victim.
Persecuted for following Christ even among "Christians" = Victim.
Struggling with my looks and self worth = Victim.

The list could go on and on. I know I'm not alone and that many have even worst cases for supporting wearing the "Victim" glasses. But here's the God revealed to me that I had been wearing these glasses...and I decided to take them off...New Vision...True Vision has taken place. God placed on my head the correct prescription for "V" glasses.


I'm not only a survivor, but a Victor! I began to see how with each trial God brought with it an abundance of blessings. In each case listed as a victim above, I can name at least 10 blessings God has given me or has used me to bless someone else. That my friends = Victory! I didn't just overcome these things they have brought both Glory to God and blessings to me!

Why don't you join me by throwing away your own "Victim" glasses for "Victory" glasses and take a good clear look at your blessings

Psalm 94:19 "In the multitude of my anxieties within me, your comforts delight my soul."

Love you all so much you are one of my most treasured blessings


Runner Mom said...

Oh, sweet friend! This was a great post! Thank you for sharing your precious heart. me some victory glasses!!


Kelly Combs said...

You are a victor! And you are blessed with a wonderful daughter! I'm glad you are seeing through God-colored glasses now.

Runner Mom said...

Hey! So glad that y'all had a good time at Lisa's church! She told me that you were going to be there!! I want to visit there myself sometime!

We were in Rock Hill a week ago at Northwestern High school for a XC meet! Great time!!
Love ya!

Starr said...

That was AWESOME!!!!!!! I can relate to so much of your life. Thanks for showing me which glasses I need to be wearing. I am surely throwing my "vistim" glasses away forever!!! You are a wonderful encourager, friend.
Love you!