Thursday, December 18, 2008

Plumb Christmas Stories

Hey Ladies,
Thanks so much for praying for my friend Bonnie. The type of cancer he has does not respond to chemo or radiation. Surgery is not an option at this time either. However, there is an experimental study going on at Harvard on a different drug. This drug has been successful with his type of melanoma. He will be doing some test to see if he qualifies for the study the first week in January. Please! Please! Please pray that he qualifies and that this treatment will be successful.

Every year, I make God a Christmas prayer list (not wish list) of things I would like to see happen during the next year. It is a simple list of only one or two things. When I was single, it was to meet the man God had for me. One thing that is always on the list is that this would be the year Jesus would come back. This year there are three things on my list.

Jesus may this be the year you return. I want to see your face and sit at your feet.

May our family follow You to the ministry positions You are preparing for us, without hesitation and with a full servant's heart passion.

May you heal Bonnie of this cancer and show our world that You are still the great physician.

Now, onto the Plumb Christmas Stories

From now until Christmas, I am hoping to post some of my favorite Plumb Christmas stories. I call them Plumb Christmas stories because they are straight, true and wholly. Which is part of Webster's definition of the word "plumb."

The first is called "The Christmas Gift" and is told on a CD called "Beyond The Manger" by Don Johnson the host of AfterGlow. The story is paraphrased by me for both time and space constraints.

The story teller recalls a Christmas as a young man, when his family was struggling financially along with the rest of the world. His mother had been struggling with her health and even standing was a chore not easily accomplished. His father's Christmas gift to her was a dishwasher. How could he afford such an expensive gift, at a time like that? He wrote a note and made a vow to wash the dishes...every one for one year. This was when real men didn't do housework. Yet, he loved his wife so much that this sacrifice of washing the dishes was the greatest and most loving gift he could give.

It made me think about the gifts I have given my husband over the years. I think I will write down a servant-vow-gift for him this year,and place it along with the others under our tree.

What servant-vow-gift could someone use from you this year?

God gave us His son! Not only for our salvation, but also for us to have abundant life here and for eternity.

Thank you Father Jehovah!

Love to you all.
Look for more Christmas Plumb Stories.



Sharon said...

What a WONDERFUL post!! I so enjoyed this and you gave me so much to think about, and use, I gotta have the kids saturday to do a prayer list sooooo love this idea.
Thank You
Merry Christmas

On Purpose said...

Praying for your friend Bonnie. Knowing that God is completely aware of this situation, and asking Him to reveal Himself more to those being affected by this situation!

sara said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I lived in South Bend, IN before God called us to Little Rock, AR.

I love your plumb story! My husband and I write love letters to each other at Christmas, I may have to add something new!

Edie said...

I love this Pamela! Both ideas, the prayer list and the servant vow gift. This is precious.

Lifting up Bonnie in prayer now.

Beverlydru said...

I love your thoughts on a servant vow. I will be pondering this. A vow is a really big deal so I want to thoughtful about this. I love the Plumb stories. Builderman's logo is a plumb bob and some don't even know what that is anymore. He still uses one. Straight and true.

Tammy said...

Thank you for the nice comment.

Being a stay at home mom, I don't always have the money to purchase gifts for my husband.

This story showed a wonderful way of serving my husband as a gift. Which I should be doing,anyways:)

Thanks Pam,for show me a way to give a gift without spending money this Christmas!