Thursday, December 4, 2008

I believe in Santa's Cause.

I believe in Santa's Cause.
Did ya get that? Read it again.
I believe in Santa's C-A-U-S-E CAUSE. I do not now nor have I ever believed in the fat, little, red-coated man with a beard and reindeer.

I do believe in Santa.

My belief in the true Santa started as a young child. My mom told us that the store "Santa" wasn't real. In fact she told us that the whole reindeer, North Pole story was just that...a fun story, to give a face to what we could not see. A fun story you could participate in at Christmas time. We would set cookies out and sure enough there were gifts left for us at the fireplace on Christmas morning. But we never said, "Thank You Santa." We said, "Thank You Jesus! Happy Birthday!"

The real Santa was much more special than a fun made-up story. We knew, the real Santa was not a man: more of an idea or CAUSE rather than Clause. The real Santa could only celebrate the true meaning of Christmas...JESUS. Since it was Jesus birthday and you couldn't actually hand him a present. Santa's CAUSE was to give Jesus a present. Jesus' present was to watch all His children open their presents on Christmas morning. Somehow, no matter how financially dismal things were for us at times, Santa's Cause made that happen. It might be that "impossible to find toy" that my sister or I just had to have, that mom and dad found at the last minute. It might be that the budgeted money went just a little further than common sense one year. It might be that the thing I wished for, but didn't dare ask for, that was my surprise that Christmas morn.
Sometimes it was as simple as my favorite candy hidden in the tip of the toe of my stocking. For me, one thing I looked forward to was getting my tangerines. I was deathly allergic to oranges, so I got tangerines.

What I remember most about Santa, and still know today, is that for our family...Santa only points to Christ!

As I got older and realized that my parents were Santa's arms and legs, I was not disappointed! In fact, I came to a greater knowledge of Christ. Are we not His arms and legs? I'm not saying Santa is Christ, but I do get the analogy very well. I too began experiencing being Santa's Cause to my parents. It was fun finding that special present, rather than just a brush for mom and a tie for dad. Giving gifts took on a whole new meaning at Christmas. These were not just gifts I had to give my family at Christmas; they were birthday presents from Jesus! I pray hard about each present and ask God to help me choose wisely and with Santa's Cause in mind.

For me, I still believe. And if I could whisper this little secret to you....

Shhh...I believe with all my heart that one day, in Heaven, as I'm being introduced to everyone in my hot pink pumps...I'll meet and shake the hand of a being named Santa!

What about you? I know many would not agree with me and that is OK. This post is not meant to start an argument on the right or wrong of Santa. It is meant to tell you what my family believes most of all. Christmas is about Christ!

But my last word is..... that is SANTA'S CAUSE!


Nicole said...

Wow Pam! I have goose bumps all over, or should I say God bumps??? This gave me a whole new perspective!!! Really amazing!

Love you my friend.


Chatty Kelly said...

Believe in someone who wants peace and good will on earth, believe in someone who judges those naughty or nice, believe in someone who gives good gifts to those he loves?? Yes, I do believe.

Kristen Myers said...

This is truly an awesome post! Thank you for stepping out and sharing your true beliefs.

I am glad you are home and doing well.

Miss ya and love ya too.

Edie said...

We said, "Thank You Jesus! Happy Birthday!" Amen!

It's good to see you blogging Pam! I hope you are doing better.

Rich Blessings to you!
"Every good and perfect gift is from above." James 1:17

My ADHD Me said...

This was wonderful to read. It just gives off that warm and fuzzy, happy Christmas feeling.

Sharon said...

JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON!

Great Post, Have a great weekend

Beverlydru said...

I'm only confused about one thing... how could you be allergic to oranges but not tangerines? LOL. Very thought provoking post with a child-like perspective. I've always wanted to remain child-like without being at all childish. So we're sisters, see?!

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Pam..
So good to see *U* my sistah!! I luv this post, great analogy..and had me pondering, I like to ponder lol. I love the photo I saw one day of Santa kneeling before the manager. This post would go hand in hand with that photo..

Hugz Lorie

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey Pam...

Things Above said...

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