Friday, December 12, 2008

One Of My Favorite People

Hi Ladies,
Today I would like to honor one of my favorite people here on earth.
His name is Bonnie Watts. He has been my dad's best friend for over 40 years. Bonnie has also been like a dad to me.
He is a true man of God who loves His Lord Jesus dearly. It oozes out of him. You can not be near him long before you know where he stands and to who his devotion belongs.
He is one of the old breed of men. The kind that heroes are designed after. He is the kind of man, like my own dad, that as soon as they walk into a chaotic situation, people calm down. Not because of their physical strength, even though they are physically stronger than men half their age. It is because they have a commanding presence of peace and strength.
Bonnie is one of those men that whatever he decides to do he does right. God has blessed him in both business and friendships.
He never compromises his integrity or his faith values. I remember a time when he was offered a huge contract to be exclusive provider for a major business. It would be worth millions. The only problem was that Bonnie knew that if he took the deal it would close down one of his smaller competitors. He refused the deal. God smiled.
When I lived in Kentucky and would travel back home for a visit. I would often find gifts hidden in my car.

There was one time when I had to have some work done by a franchise car shop because, a part they had replaced in Kentucky was defective. Before I could leave town, I was instructed to drive to Bonnie's work place. He checked the work to make sure it was done right this time. He looked after me the same way he did his own daughter.

One Christmas, I was about a week out before coming home for Christmas. I got a call one morning that my dad was being rushed to Charlotte with heart issues. I was needed home immediately. As I made arrangements to come home, it dawned on me that I had no Christmas presents for anyone. Being single and in Seminary there was not a lot of extra money, so I made crafts for my family. I had the materials but no time to make them. In light of maybe losing my daddy, I pushed the thoughts of presents right out of my head. About that time, the doorbell rang. It was our mail carrier. She had a package for my roommate that would not fit into the box, so she brought our mail to the door. I absentmindedly thanked her and closed the door. As I was setting down the mail, I noticed one with my name on it. It was from my home church so I opened it. Out fell a check...a large check. It would not only cover my unexpected trip home but be enough to buy any gifts I would need. It was from Bonnie. God had him send money before any of us knew just how bad it was needed. God also sent that package for my roommate. If the mail had not been brought to our door, I would have missed it all together.

I am telling you about Bonnie because he needs your prayers. He has been diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive cancer. Please pray for him and his family. I can't believe that God is done with using him here on earth. I will pray for healing until the spirit directs otherwise. Please join me. He is my friend and I love him dearly.

Thank you for allowing me to share memories and joining me in this prayer battle for Bonnie's health.

Love Pamela


Runner Mom said...

I will be glad to lift up Bonnie in prayer! Take care, sweet friend!

Chatty Kelly said...

I was so enjoying your story about Bonnie, until I came to the ending. I am so sorry to hear about his cancer. I will pray for him. He is blessed to have you as a "daughter" to pray for him and have your friends pray too.

Angela said...

What a gift this man has been to your family! I love your description of him. I will be praying for your friend, friend!


Kay Martin said...

Bless you for recognizing and remembering all these wonderful qualities in Bonnie. I will pray for him daily.

But your gratitude and sweet heart of cherishing all that Bonnie does and is blesses me. I find many people take such gifts and forget it. YOur remembrances are beautiful.

Beverlydru said...

Now I love him too. Wow- just imagine how much Papa God loves him!! I will pray. God hears, God knows, God cares. Peace to you, my friend.

Kristen Myers said...

Please know that every time I sit in God's lap to speak, I will remind Him about Bonnie.

Hang in there. I'll lift you up too!

Truth4thejourney said...

Dear Lord,
We come to you and pray for Bonnie right now. Lord, I pray that your healing power will touch Bonnies life and that the cancer will melt away, In jesus Name!

I also pray that you will support and encourage his family, too. Let them all feel your presence in an amazing and strong way

Thank you Father for the miracle you are perform even as this prayer is being lifted up!

You are a good God and we love you

Your daughter,

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I just prayed for dear Bonnie! I am so sorry.