Monday, October 13, 2008

A Living Love Story

Last week my mom and dad celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary!
Between trips to see my aunt and having surgery on her wrist for carpel tunnel, I'm not sure how much they really celebrated.
One thing I do know is how much they love each other!
Would you indulge me a minute while I tell you their love story.
Both came from share-cropping families from the foothills of the Blueridge mountains. Both families were poor...very poor.
My Aunt Ruby met a young man and wanted to date him. However, the rule was that she had to go out on double dates only. She begged my mom to go on a blind date with the young man';s brother. After giving my mom his description, my mom said, "NO way!" (My mom had promised herself to never date a redhead) She did however after some more persuasion agree to go out with a cousin.
The night of the date they came into a little coffee/sandwich shop. (Here is my favorite part of the story.) My dad was there sitting at the counter (very redheaded) when they came in the door. He looked up and saw my mom. He swears, that at that moment, he decided he was going to marry that woman, because she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. The couples went to a booth. Dad walked over and scooted everyone over until he was right in front of my mother. Soon he had everyone laughing and not even minding that he had joined them.
The next day mom and a friend were hanging out after church. There wasn't much to do on Sunday afternoons, so my aunt was wanting to go riding with the young man she had went out with the night before. My mom and her friend agreed to come along so she could go. As the car pulled up they noticed someone else was there too. My redheaded dad. They drove around having a good time. But this was the day my dad would have to report back to base...he was in the army. So they all decided to drive him to the base. My mom said her heart was almost breaking when my aunt's young man said goodbye to my dad. They were close brothers and since this was Korean war time, they did not know if this would be the last time they saw each other. Both boys were in the service and not sure where they would end up. The drive home was not as joyous and mom could not get that redheaded boy off of her mind. Two days later a letter arrived for her in the mail. It was from my dad. He told her that he wanted to see her. He told her that he had another leave coming up and that he was going to pick her up for a date. He liked her and he was going to come see her whether she liked it or not! She liked it! They dated mostly by letters (One a day everyday from the very first one) and were married in 1954.
Oh, as a side note my mom's sister (my Aunt Ruby) also married my dad's brother (My Uncle Mern) a year later.
My dad still looks at my mom the same way he did that night in the coffee shop. And she still laughs at all his jokes even if he is now bald instead of redheaded.

Both love God with all their heart and raised me and my sister to do the same.

Celebrate with me as I lift my family up for a moment in honor to their love, but also the love of the God they both serve that brought them together. To His name may the glory and praise ever be!



beverlydru said...

What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing. I have realized that it is a HUGE gift to grow up in loving home where a godly marriage is modeled. It doesn't happen as often as we'd think.

Chatty Kelly said...

I loved your story Pamela. What a loving tribute.

Happy Anniversary Pink Shoe Parents!!!

Runner Mom said...

How precious! I love your story. THanks so much for sharing it!! I hope that they have many many more!

Love ya,

Kristen Myers said...

I loved the story. I could picture the entire scene.

You are mightily blessed to have two parents who have modeled unconditional love for 54 years.

Please tell them "Happy Anniversary" from me.

Love ya!

On Purpose said...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! This is a beautiful legacy and one that shines bright in the world today!

Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!!!

I wanted to get back with you regarding your headaches. I don't feel comfortable telling you what they are from. I have some guesses though...side effect from injections, hormones, stress headaches (my husband gets these, and he also gets these if he drinks too much caffeine). Hope your doctor is able to help give you some answers!

Love to you my friend,

Edie said...

Happy Anniversary Pamela's parents!
What a wonderful story and a blessing to have parents who model a godly marriage.