Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Help of My Countenance

Hey Friends,

It has been a stressful, trying and blessed week.

I was getting beyond stressed Tuesday. Several times during the day my husband would encourage me to read Psalm 13 and Psalm 43. I kept meaning to, but I honestly did not see the need because I had already had my quiet time, and it had helped a little, but not enough. I was at that point we all reach sometimes, when we are focused on our feelings instead of God. That point where you feel...what's the point? If reading scripture didn't help me this morning, why should it now. Well ladies, I did not tell my minister husband that...I know better. I'd have gotten a double dose sermon right there. And let's just all admit when we feel this way we honestly don't want to hear the truth...we want to sulk....complain...whine.
That night in the midst of my pout, Mike asked me for like the fourth time, had I read the psalms yet. I said, "No (big long sigh)." He handed me the Bible and said, "Do it now." As I looked up at him, he had the same look on his face that I give Zoie when I'm giving her medicine she doesn't want to take. At first my flesh kicked in and I wanted to be stubborn, but thank God I chose the other way.
Both Psalms were speaking to me as if God was sitting down with me and discussing my dilemmas. However, Psalm 43:5 grabbed my heart and burst it wide open.

"Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God: For I shall yet praise Him, the help of my countenance and my God."

The literal translation of the word help is "salvation."

Just let that steep in your teacup for a minute.

The salvation of my countenance! Why am I anxious? Why am I worried? Why am I pouting and moping around like someone with no hope?

No matter what I face, or what emotion my face may display from my soul's depth, my hope is in God! The salvation of my countenance! That's my attitude! He is the salvation of my attitude!

And ladies, as women we all need some salvation of our attitudes once in a while...OK a lot!

Oh, how I often need some salvation in my attitude! How I needed it the other night! I'm sure I will need it again and again and again!

What about you? Does your attitude need some salvation?

Look to the only one who can truly save us from anything....The One, The Only, The Help of my Salvation...JESUS CHRIST!

Let Him give your countenance/attitude a dose of salvation and a little adjustment!

Thank you all for praying for Zoie and Mike during the celebration yesterday. God moved through them and it was amazing!

Love ya bunches more!


Beverly said...

AMEN, yes I too have had a stressful week and I so need HIm.
Thanks for sharing this part of your struggle so it helped me with mine.

Love ya

Truth4thejourney said...

This post really hit home with me. My husband used to say that I liked to pout! He used to put his hand on me and pray for me, then he'd start singing praise songs and insist that I join him! How can you stay mad when you're singing praise songs?

You can't! He'd win every time, I've since learned to turn to God as soon as I feel like pouting. I'm so glad He's growing me.


Leebird said...

I, too, have been chastised by the Lord today on being too focused on feelings and less on Him.

I'm so glad the memorial service went well. I hope to hear Zoie sing one day....

Kay Martin said...

I heard a message on a cd speaking of salvation in Greek "soteria" mean wholeness; nothing missing; etc. We have limited our understanding to our English translation...saved from Hell. I loved this post. Yes, salvation....whole; in Christ, the mind of Christ. NO matter what is going on I have His joy, His peace, His attitude...abundant life above and beyond my highest expectations.

Thank you for being the AMEN to a great message I listened to while driving yesterday.

Be blessed...I keep praying for your next assignment.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Over from Lysa's blog. I can't tell you how many times my countenance reflects the "attitude" of my heart. My face paints the truth within. Thank you for the scripture.


Edie said...

I'm so glad things went well for Zoie and Mike yesterday.

This was a great post. I love your definition. "The salvation of my attitude" Yes I need that more than I'd like to admit.

L.L. Barkat said...

I noticed your comment over at Elaine's (Peace for the Journey).

Here, I love the explanation about the pink shoes. And I bet you shall dance in them too!

Anonymous said...

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