Monday, August 11, 2008

Through a Knot-hole!

God is so good to us.

Even when life looks like it is could swallow you up...God is good to us! Last Saturday night, my husband and I hosted an "ole fashion singing" at a campground near our home. We have been doing this every two weeks all summer. We have singers/bands from our area come and preform for the campers. We also have someone give a brief testimony or devotional thought about midpoint through.
We found out Saturday morning that our designated speaker had a conflict and could not make it. My husband made a few phone calls, but by the time we drove up to the campground we still had no speaker. I asked my mother who has a tremendous testimony, that I will share with you at some point. She said no. She wasn't feeling that well and did not want to share. So Mike turned to me. Knowing that there is a story always in my head it fell on me. As the crowd started to gather, I noticed there were a lot of children, so I decided to do an old stand by children's sermon.
The singing started and soon I noticed that I was next. I rose to my feet and was dismayed when all but three of the children (one was mine) left! Their parents came and got them and they left. I sent up my "Help me Jesus" prayer and a story I had written long ago came to mind. I took a deep breath and went for it.
The story is about two boys playing along an old, but high fence. One boy is deaf and can not hear anything. The other boy hears something on the other side of the fence, and looks through a knot-hole. He gets excited and wants to show his friend what is happening on the other side of the fence. But every time the boy that is deaf doesn't look inviting or fun. He can only see or understand what he can see through the hole. (Such as the back end of a horse!) Finally a man pulls up in a truck and both boys climb to the top and look over. They are both happy now because on the other side of the fence... was a grand parade.
The lesson of the story is that sometimes that is all we see of our own life. Sometimes like myself right now, our finances look like the back end of that horse. The boy that could hear the parade are like our Christian sisters (you my friends) who understands that God is taking care of us and really, if we could see the whole picture, we would know that it truly is a gift...a parade. The man is like God, without His help and understanding none of us could ever see the whole parade.

That is a shortened version of the story. If you would like to read the whole thing, e-mail me and I will send it to you. God used this story to speak to my own fears Saturday night. I still don't know what my parade looks like right now, but I am trusting harder the One who does. He did however give us one big knot-hole glimpse Sunday morning. My husband is now the Interim Pastor for the new church start. (it is not nough to fix our loss of income but every little bit helps. We just need God to do some loaves and fishes with our resources) It could and hopefully will lead to a more permanent position, but for now we will rejoice in our knot-hole!

What about you? What do you see through your own knot-holes? Please share and we can rejoice and pray together.



Chatty Kelly said...

Well Pamela, didn't you ask God for more speaking possibilities? LOL!! you got one! I know you did a great job.

I feel light right now I'm in the back of truck and have a pretty good view. I know more knotholes will be coming, but for now, thank God I am in the truck with him!

My ADHD Me said...

Hi. I have a few knotholes going on right now, but I'm sure the truck is on the way. I just wish they would raise the speed limit!!

Starr said...

Your posts are always timely reads for me! I am looking through a knot-hole myself right now. Your words helped me to remember that God is bringing the truck!! I just need to be patient!
I wrote today about how God never leaves us or forsakes us even when things don't look so great and your words went hand-in-.
hand with what God has shown me today.
You have been a blessing!

On Purpose said...

Pam I am celebrating with you right now:

1/ your obedience to speak on Saturday when God called you to it!

2/ your husbands interim position

My knothole is our church situation right now. I am just trying to keep myself from getting in the drivers seat of the truck and plowing the fence over to get to the other side!

I love you my beautiful sister! Thanks for your encouraging words!

Angela said...

I am a little anxious about what's going on through my knothole, also a work thing (really don't want to be there anymore), so I can't wait till the truck runs me over, I mean comes for me! I know God is using this situation for his glory, as he is for can we trust him if we trust our circumstances? I am glad you had a good vacation and I know we will get some good God stories through our struggles! Yay for Mike's interim pastor position! That Shepard guy must have known what he was talking about.

Nicole said...


Thank you sooooo much for your prayer. God's presence is near.


Nicole said...

I just read about your husband's interim position. Congrats! God is good. I will be praying for the Lord's continued provision in all areas.


Joyfulsister said...

Hi Pamela,
First of all I want to tell you I have two awards for you on my blog. Just look at the post Awards.
Second I want you to know that just a reading a little of that story opened up a bigger window for me to view my circumstances in a postive way. I would love to hear the rest of the story. You are a blessing my sistah and we will keep each other in prayer. Hugz Lorie

Kimberly said...

This is so great, Pamela! For me, it is especially a great reminder not to make decisions when I am not seeing the whole picture. I need to trust the One who does see and wait for Him to tell me what to do next.

I am so glad your husband got this position! And I am glad we serve the One who is able to supply all of your needs!

Blessings, sweet Pamela!

Truth4thejourney said...

This is a wonderful reminder to us that we don't see everything clearly. It reminds me of this scripture:

1Corinthians 13:12 "For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall fully know even as I also am fully known."

Regina said...

Hey Pamela, my name is Regina. I found you via LynnSC's blog. I heard that you may join us for our Tuesday Night Bible Study. I think that would be wonderful. Whenever I study His word the view through my knot holes always looks better.

Beverly said...

Hey Pamela,
Thanks for the e-mail today. Also I heard you may join our Tuesday night Bible Study. I sure hope so as I am also new to it as well. This will be my first time with this group so come on and join with us. And thanks for reminding us what to look for in our knotholes, God can be right there with us. I hope to see you on August 26th which will be our first get together with the new study

Edie said...

Hi Pamela -
I always love your posts. Praise God for giving your husband that position. He is always faithful isn't He. I would love to read the full version of the knot-hole.
(die7777 at tx dot rr dot com)
My knot-hole is that my income just came to an end and I'm looking for that truck with my new direction.

I guess you could say we're all waiting for our truck to come in. Ha!