Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pink Shoe Purpose

Hi Friends!
Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me.

To tell the truth, I don't really like my birthday. I think that's why I always go a little over board telling people to say, "Happy Birthday."

I think Birthdays are among the many things that set us up for "Unmet Expectations." Yes, I know "unmet" is not a real word but it fits perfectly. I think we set ourselves up for some secret expectations, that we may not be able to even communicate. It is deep in the emotional part of our brains, right along side desires and dreams. But, when these expectations are not met we feel loss, sadness or even anger.

Some of the unmet expectations I have come to recognize around my birthday is that somehow it ought to be know like Cinderella at the ball. I should magically be transformed to a size 4 and be as tall as a model. (In reality I look more like the fairy godmother--- only not as old!) Life should be like the fairy tale also. Everyone would celebrate and birds would sing around my head. I wouldn't have to work, or hurt, or wash a dish, or even a nose! My husband would lavish me with kisses and we would dance across a ballroom, while everyone watched and clapped.

OK, maybe I don't really expect quiet that much but the truth is birthdays, no matter how wonderful, are always somewhat of a let down. Not the right present, (They did great this year) or having to work, or an argument between my husband and daughter, as to who picked out which gift!

I think these unmet expectations come from trying to celebrate ourselves. My father joked to his coworkers yesterday, that I ought to give him a present, because He brought me into the world. We all laughed, as he told us about the reactions he got for saying that, at supper last night.

This got me to thinking...I think instead of trying to celebrate myself. I think next year for my birthday, I am going to take the day and truly thank my creator. I realized that along with unmet expectations, or maybe because of them, I don't like being that kind of "center of attention." In my mind, I never measure up to the princess birthday girl, and therefore I am constantly faced with what I'm not, rather than what I am.

What am I? Created for a purpose! I am created to love and be loved by the creator. I'm created to share that love with everyone, but especially women and those with special needs! I'm created in His image. God designed me and knew everything about me before those first two cells came together in my mother's womb. I'm created to share a message God has placed in my heart...He loves us and cares so much about everything in our life! Everything!!!

I don't think we honestly believe that Jesus loves us as much as He does! If we did, we would never have unmet expectations! We would celebrate our birth everyday! We would serve Him, and consider Him in every second of our life, and we would sacrifice anything for others to believe that too!

I was created for a purpose. To show women that God loves us enough to even allow this short, plump, woman with a limp to wear HOT PINK SHOES! That in God's sight, we are all more beautiful than any "Cinderella" could ever dream of being!

Thanks again for celebrating that purpose with me yesterday! I love you all! I'm going to look at my hot pink shoes!

Love you all!
Pamela R.


Chatty Kelly said...

So it is like Rick Warren said "It's not about you. It's about Him. (God)"

This year for my 40th I had a party. My husband said YOU plan it, so it will be exactly what you want. So I did. I don't have the unmet expectations at my birthday, but I do have that feeling at Christmas time - and then I KNOW it is because I am not focusing on what I should be.

Jesus is always the answer, isn't he?

Nicole said...

I agree with the expectations thing. I think we all can fall into that trap at one time or another. Great idea to celebrate you creator. It's all about Jesus! Amen!


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh, one day late...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Beverly said...
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Beverly said...

Oh so right, we should celebrate the creator, I mean after all He's the one that created your special day with one special girl.

Thanks for reminding us to celebrate Him in the simplest, smallest of things not always just the BIG things we experience.

And Happy belated birthday!
See you Tuesday at the Bible Study!

Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Pamela!

I am celebrating that it was your birthday! I am so glad you were created just the way our Father wanted you! I need sisters like you. You are so encouraging on my blog and others, too.

God sure knew what He was doing first, when He created you, second, when He called you!

I needed this post today. My weekend was full of wrong expectations and discouragements. Thank you so much for lifting me up this morning!

I love you!
Your Sister (In the Lord)

My ADHD Me said...

This was a really nice post. Unmet expectations can be difficult to deal with and as you said, not just birthdays but they can pop up anywhere. Thanks for the reminder of what's important.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Well, Happy Late Birthday!!

And oh my goodness could I indentify with this post!! I totally agree, we build ourselves up and end up getting super let-down, at least that's how it happened on my birthday this year.

No expectations for me for next year!! =) Loved reading this!

Runner Mom said...

Happy late birthday, girlfriend! I loved what you shared on your post today! "I'm created to share a message God has placed in my heart"-wow! I had never looked at it from that perspective. And, I may join you next year in celebrating my creator on my b'day!

Enjoy your day!
Love ya,

PS--Thought about you and Lynn on Saturday! We drove right by those wonderful outlets in Gaffney--but we didn't stop!!!!

Beverlydru said...

yvjznSeveral months ago I was reading the top ten life challnges of Christian Women. Unfulfilled dreams was on there for many women over 35. That's kind of like Unmet Expecatations, but on a larger scale. Interesting food for thought.

On Purpose said...

What am I? Created for a purpose! I am created to love and be loved by the creator. I'm created to share that love with everyone,

Your words are so right on just keep repeating this over and over and over in your head until you know them and can live in them every single moment of your life!

Everything about you is On Purpose!

LynnSC said...

Wow!! Can I just scream a big amen to that?? I always find that I feel "let down" on days that I think should be special... like my birthday, my anniversary, etc. I just realized why... it's "MY". Your comment...

"I think these unmet expectations come from trying to celebrate ourselves."

How profound is that?? So true. I think that I am really going to enjoy meeting you tonight.

See you then,