Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Learning to Read or Reading to Learn?

Hi Ladies,
Please continue to pray for us. More change is happening. I'll let you in on more specifics later.
I am trusting God and reminding myself that I have already given Him my toothpick.

Fourth grade is a big transition year. As we sat a few weeks ago in Zoie's new fourth grade class during Orientation, the teacher made this comment. "Up to the fourth grade your child has been learning to read. Now, things will change. Fourth graders start reading to learn."

Now, reading is one of my all time favorite things to do! I love to read! I'll read anything! I also love learning. I get it from my dad. I used to see him reading encyclopedias, while we waited on the school bus. He did it for fun!

So, I'm thinking about this statement and I start wondering about the difference in just going through the reading process to decipher information and processing the information obtained into learned behavior. (Sorry, the teacher in me just came out.) What I mean is...Do we read to decode words or to learn information?

A little deeper...Do I read my Bible during my quiet time just to know what it says or do I read it to change my life? When I read my Bible am I just practicing my reading skills or am I reading to learn about my Lord?

I have to confess! Sometimes it is just to practice my reading skills. You know the times..."Oh, I need to read my Bible. Huhmmm? Here it is. Oh No! I'm at the begots again! Well I need to read it anyway." Instead of asking God to help me learn something new even out of the begots....Beth Moore does. So it can be done....I moan, and practice my reading through the chapter or passage.

Ladies, the Bible is the only book where we get a chance to sit with the author every time we read it! I don't want to waste that time anymore. I am going to choose to read to learn!

Love Pamela


Chatty Kelly said...

Pamela - this post touched me on so many different levels! My daughter too is entering the 4th grade. So I guess she will begin reading to learn.

And I too sometimes read my bible without learning anything. Just putting in my devotion time. But when I put the extra effort in - wow! God is talking right to me! So why do I let myself just go throught the motions? I guess the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

As usual, thanks for your beautiful insights.

Angela said...

Ha ha, the begots! I do read to learn in the Bible, but my problem is that I think I can get more from certain parts (like Psalms) than I can from places like the begots, so I may need to give other books a fair shake, since the entire book is divinely inspired by God..it must all be important! Happy Tuesday!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the reminder. Right now I am focusing on being disciplined about ready my Bible everyday. In the process of learning to be disciplined with thiat I really want to learn and get something out of my time with the Lord. I pray that as I learn to stay disciplined with reading that I also learn something as I read. I am there with you, I REALLY love to learn...like to the point that I pick apart most things in my life and/or situation to learn from them. Love you Pamela! Continued prayers for you and your family!

Dear Heavenly father, please be with Pamela and her family right now. Please speak to each of their hearts and let them know that you are near during this time of transition in their lives. Thank you for your faithfulness Lord Jesus. I pray that you give Pamela and her family an extra measure of trust in You Lord during this time in their lives. We love you Lord and we praise you in advance for your faithfulness!!!



On Purpose said...

Wow...we are sitting and reading with the author every time. Thank you for this beautiful picture! It makes it very special and meaningful to me. It helps me to see that again He doesn't ask us to do anything alone.

Thank you Pam for your words of encouragement!

My ADHD Me said...

You know us so well. I bet I'm not the only one that gets to the "begots" and starts to skim to the page a little faster than normal.

You made me laugh when you said "Sorry, the teacher in me came out" because as I was reading the previous sentence, the ADHD in me came out....and stated to wander around the room....luckily, you must be a good teacher, because I caught myself , refocused and then there it was in black and white!...thanks for adding in the layman's explanation! :)

Regina said...

Great word Pamela! I want to be changed everytime I read my bible. Thanks for the reminder not to just go through the motions.

See you tonight!

Starr said...

How true it is! Every time I pick up my bible, I learn something new. those words just jump off the page and into my heart. It is amazing. No other book has that power, no matter how enlightening.

I am teaching my little one to read right now. I can't wait until he can read the Bible for himself. that will be awesome!

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Pamela! What a great post! I'm agreeing with other comments that the begots get to me!! I struggle! But to have you say that we get to read with the actual author--amazing!
Love ya,

Beverly said...

Thanks for reminding us not to just read the Bible but to READ the Bible. To learn from it as we read. I feel like as long as I've been a Christian I should know more than I do, but one of the reasons I don't is because I've just read, not READ!

It was so great meeting you tonite at Bible Study and I look forward to coming weeks and our growth together. I will be praying for you next week.

Beverlydru said...

I love what the teacher in you has to say. Inspires me to run fro my Bible!

Truth4thejourney said...

This is such a true post. We have to learn to implement what we read! I loved your thought on how God Himself is sitting with us each time we open the Bible. Loved it!


Kimberly said...

"Ladies, the Bible is the only book where we get a chance to sit with the author every time we read it!"

Wow! Awesome! What a great post, Pamela! I need to be sure I am reading to learn!!! Thanks for this encouragement and reminder!

LynnSC said...

Man... what a great post, Pamela. I so want to be changed by God's Word everytime I read it. I loved your picture of us sitting with the author ever time we read. What a wonderful thought.

I am so excited about our new Bible study... and thrilled that you are going to be a part of it.

We will miss you Tuesday... but we will be praying for you.

On Purpose said...

How is Zoie...was thinking about her this morning!

Love and prayers for you and your family